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Bouchon Bakery

Instagram photos and videos at Bouchon Bakery

Well deserved after an all-day drive #napa #roadtrip #westcoastliving #finedining #bougie #bouchon
Leandro me sacaneando... rsrs #srsrasmith #napa
That's a wrap! Officially on to my next chapter as a business owner.  To my #tkrg family: I will miss your #corevalues, #finesse, #senseofurgency, moments of brilliance, spirit of collaboration and unwavering pursuit of excellence. The past four years will never be forgotten, they were challenging at times, but foundational, and for that I am eternally grateful. Also eternally grateful to @bryan.lipa, who is the reason we landed in #napa in the first place.  Thank you all for the memories! @insearchofcelray @lauragcunningham @nbonamico @rkbova @bouchon_bakery @laurvanness @mrs.bowers51416 @rossmelling  @elias_1371 @ali_van_slyke @alessandra_altierilopez @tfl_culinarygarden @kateolen @_tfl_ @tournantheitzig @djonesstudio @chefdevers83 @leefodenclarke @ @oscarchronicles @michaelminnillo @mathewdpeters @lorinmichel @austin_girl (for EJ!) @bouchon_bistro @adhoc_addendum @jenltothe @jenmurraynyc @fitch_na @dbreeden8 @lrbreeden @jjjjaniegirl @evelyngilliland @abarg @mik_cohen @leeannderthal @brahdan @silkytimes @michaeldengelegi @michelcouvreux @perseny @375ml @chefdavehands @goldshuz @tcnylahi @philiptessier @justin_r_williams @elle.will.made.it @bmills82nj (Hope I'm not forgetting anyone I follow! 😳)
My mama loves me, she really really loves me! #happydog #dogtreats #bouchonbakery #spoileddog
The smallest crowd that I've ever seen @bouchon_bakery Napa.
My baking Mecca.
Macaron is ❤️
when in Napa 🍷🍪🍷🍪🍷