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Boston, Massachusetts

Instagram photos and videos at Boston, Massachusetts

Very special trip to Boston comes to an end.
Научись никогда никому ничего не рассказывать. Научись никогда… Ни от кого… Ничего… Не ждать…
I love all animals and have a soft spot for some more than others such as sheep. This lamb's name is Summer and is a resident at @farmsanctuary in Watkins Glen, New York. To further show my commitment to leading a vegan lifestyle, I am participating in a 5k on September 16 in the greater Boston area. I will be one of several individuals running under the "Vegan Mindset" team. If you want to join us or would like to support us, please visit Farm Sanctuary's website and find the "Vegan Mindset" team. We do this for the animals!  #plantpoweredrun #farmsanctuary #sheep #compassion #veganlifestyle #vegancommunity #compassionforanimals #govegan #vegansofboston #vegansofig
[PRESSURE || RELEASE] The link to the preview for my book is on my bio. These are a few photos that didn't make it on the book.  Enjoy 🌹 • • #photooftheday  #photography  #storybook #excellence  #blackexcellence #boston #fashion #fashionphotography  #fashionphotographer  #condenast  #haremgraphia
A “free speech” rally in Boston — which was tied to the “alt-right,” a conservative faction that espouses ideologies grounded in white supremacy — turned out what police estimated to be between 50 and 75 people, along with 40,000 counterprotesters. The numbers were overwhelmingly in favor of the antiracist demonstrations, but as the day progressed, counterprotesters still had reason to question if their city's institutions was behind them or the right-wing demonstrators. Set against the backdrop of racial tensions in Boston between law enforcement and people of color, some of the counterprotesters wondered whose side the police were on.  In this photo, a protester drips of milk after being maced on Washington Street in Boston following the “free speech rally” and counterprotest on Aug. 19.  Photo: Jonathan Wiggs/The Boston Globe/@gettyimages  #boston #protest #blacklivesmatter
Hello United States! Hello Northeastern! #husky#neu#unitedstates#boston
‼️Never Forget‼️there will NEVER ever be the "perfect time" to workout. There will never be the perfect time to start ANYTHING, really. If you keep waiting for the right time to do anything, you will NEVER get far with your goals. Today is your daily reminder to get your butt off the coach and show yourself who's boss. Don't let your busy schedule stop you. Screw your emotions. Tough it out. You're a savage and you know it. Stop waiting for the right time.  Just go.  Put on some hardcore trap, and tell yourself that yo momma didn't raise no bish 😌☝🏼 .  You will be amazed at what your body can do, even on your worst days.  Now get of your be-hind and GET WORK DONE 👊🏽
Boston was good to us. ❤️ #waitefornothing2017