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Mammoth Mountain

Instagram photos and videos at Mammoth Mountain

Quiet mornings in the Eastern Sierra. To tell you all the truth, I've been in another one of those famous so called slumps. As much as I try to wear a smile, I can't seem to keep it up. I'm unsure if this slump is due to a creative dead end or a deeply personal conflict. Sometimes it feels like both. I rarely, if ever, share things like this on public platforms, but I think it's healthy to recognize when to let it out and be vulnerable. Vulnerability is one of my greatest weaknesses, and my refusal to be vulnerable, one of my greatest flaws. Photography is my anchor; it's my creative medium that keeps me grounded and keeps me sane. Lately though, I haven't enjoyed it as much. Maybe it's because I do it so often that it's losing its effect on me; maybe Instagram is finally getting to me and making me truly question whether I'm good at what I do. Maybe it's both. Whatever the case, I'll get back into the groove soon enough. After all, winter is coming. ❄️
Love this guy
Very excited to share that @kimmyfasani and I are adding another member to the tribe!! -» Will we have a skier or boarder on our hands...? 🤔👶🏼🤗
Exciting News! @chrisbenchetler and I are SO happy to announce that we will be welcoming a little one to the world in March 2018! This winter baby will have a snowboard and skis waiting for it... which will it choose? Only 5 months to go until we get to meet this little bundle and find out if it’s a boy or girl! ✨👶🏼✨
trying to find all the beauty in the world 🌞🏔