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San Diego, California

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"At my worst I got my heart snatched. She ran off w/ you  And I want my heartback." @sinabobeena  Messages from when you was prego after yoj had my son n stayed with me then messages after you left the first time n pics of me trying to send my son stuff and i even tried to send you money n you said you didnt want it. I need help shorty pure evil. She been trying to use my son n anybody that no me know i never dated my BM or nothing i been there literally since day 1 i cut his chord.  The sad part is she know im not physically or financially stable and i have valid reasons but none of that should matter anyways especially if I was in a worst state at the time of this pic. Regardless I've always been there for my son. I admit i wasn't there for you like you wanted me to be. I didnt love you like that and I kept it real with you but its funny how yo whole character changed when you realized we had no shot together n its sad that you playing this role like you gotta be a single parent thats you dictating that situation i won't nothing more than to see my son and you playing with him n me by hindering our father son bond i dont know whatchu think your accomplishing but you only hurting him me n yourself in the long run regardless we a team for him n you acting childish for way too long the "woman scorn" time is dead n played out stop bullshitting n fucking up my son mental cus if he ends up a certain way because of your shenanigans i will never forgive you. #parenthood #coparenting #fatherson
Forgot In Freezer
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