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Yosemite National Park

Instagram photos and videos at Yosemite National Park

Your life can always be full and fun and exciting when you define it by your OWN definition. What YOU view as a ridiculously fun adventure should never be compared to another persons version. Remember that a good day is a good day because of the little things you do for others, the moments that your passions come alive, and the small personal goals that are met. There's beauty and fun and contentment in every moment if you're willing to look beyond comparison πŸ’ƒπŸΎπŸ”…
Mirror lake, Yosemite national park.
Multi-pitch trad climbing in the shadows of el cap #yosemitenationalpark #california #yosemite #elcapitain #climbing
I like my mountains green and my waters colored 🎨
Good Morning !!! #yosemite #mothernature #beautiful #halfdome
Muir Wall!! Una joya del Capitan, vertical , sostenida y con mucho ambiente!!! Con el gran amigo Paul Vera conseguimos llegar al top despues de 4 noches en pared.
Yosemite takes my breath away #yosemite #yosemitefalls #instanature #instalandscape #valleyshot
Yosemite! #ubmsrocks
Yosemite!! #ubmsrocks
Rock Climbing in Yosemite!! #ubmsrocks
Smukt i Yosemity 😊