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Indianapolis International Airport

Instagram photos and videos at Indianapolis International Airport

Lucy spent the last week adjusting to a new time zone, sleeping in three different bedrooms, enduring the manhandling of her enthusiastic cousins, and meeting lots of her loving, loud family - and did it with minimal fussing and lots of gummy grins. Her resilience and curious spirit made this first trip a joy. So, so proud of our tiny travel buddy. ❤️✈️👶🏻 #lifewithlucyelaine #myindianahome #babysfirstflight
I’ve got baggage ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Special order😁 pls Temmy I want some boiled eggs🤣🤣 seriously just tell us how u want it.. we are here for you😁 #boiledeggs #smokedturkey #chicken #goatmeat #smokedfish #shrimp #snail u don’t wanna know🍽😍 life of a foodie😁🤣
soft smiles for days ✨
✈️🙏🏽 I am motivated just from being broke ✈️