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Indianapolis International Airport

Instagram photos and videos at Indianapolis International Airport

Back to #boise I go!
Sun Country on an overcast day...
We waived in the air. Go get a win, I'll get the kids. 😉 #godawgs #homesweethome
As I sit in the Indianapolis National Airport collecting my thoughts. All I can do is cry. I treated this day as if it was never gonna happen. Like some how it magically it would come and go without me noticing. It became surreal as we both sat at the gate waiting  for his departure. One of the fellow guys grandma came up and asked to pray. I lost it literally sobbing my eyes out. Just that small gesture made me feel at peace. Heres to Basic falling bye! #army #armygirlfriend #basictraining #prayers #delta
Let's be real clear on my priorities y'all family and coffee, all day er' day.  #onthemove #makingsomechanges #planestrainsandautomobiles #indianapolis
Even a simple trip to the airport turns into a photo shoot for Dacio!
Take me back to Christmas time and Indy!!!
Mommy-Dacio matching outfits for their flight down to Florida to see Grandma! #abuelita