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Bairro Alto, Lisboa, Portugal

Instagram photos and videos at Bairro Alto, Lisboa, Portugal

At the edge of the Barrio Alto is a park with an overlook of the Tagus river disappearing into the Atlantic.  In the afternoon street musicians run power cables up a cliff side from a house down below and for several hours a revolving door of guitarists and horn players noodle informally before a sloping dirt amphitheatre.  The crowd waxes and wanes.  They drink beer or coffee, the sunset and music in front of them and a large psychedelic melted candle looking sculpture of some wild eyed deity with a tiny bronze archer on his shoulder looming over their shoulders.  Everyday this guy shows up with his kazoo and blows, spinning and buzzing in the shifting light.  In a world of his own making, high and enthusiastic, he plunges full speed into wierdo.  It has been a month since the diagnosis.  Nothing is normal.  The horizon is a zipper.  The future divides with malignant cells.  As vertigo has replaced gravity, the magnetism of patternless lives, the awkward, unruly, silly, generous and singular sort that defy expectation and convention, sucks me deeper into weirdo orbit.  Going with it.  #cancerman #someta #i♥️cancer
#tbt to an awesome moment with @daviddossantos. #love this picture. #commedesgarcons
#tbt 🇵🇹 don’t follow the yellow bricks, just wear your shabby golden shoes ✨👊🏼 #bairroalto #after #ruadabica #vacation #lisbon #portugal #goldenshoes #lisboa #streetstyle #instaboy #streetfighter ✨
O som da rua Barroca
И плюс 16🌞 на улице👌
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