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Honolulu, Hawaii

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너무나도 좋은지인들과 중국 요리로 .....나의사랑전복ㅋㅋㅋㅋ향복함#호놀룰루 게스트하우스 #중국음식#전복#랍스터뽂음#오리고기
We asked the question, "How do you be well, naturally?" with Mickey, Hawaii's 🏝professional surfing instructor 🏄and owner of @mickeysurfschool 🌊 Hear what he has to say. 😊☀️ . . . . . #bewellnaturally #surfing #stayingactive #eatinghealthy #doinggood #positivevibes #hawaii #immunesupport #activepak #organic #vegetarian #glutenfree #reduceantibioticuse #surfer #life #ezcpaklife #
A hardcore thalassophile at heart.
Still pondering on the most impactful night we have had thus far!! We were extremely blessed by all the 300+ youth & young adults who came out to The Rally on Saturday night! Ya'll are crazy fun!! My insta stories couldn't even handle your fire!!⠀ ⠀ What a gift it is to share the open heaven that is over all our lives. As we continue to surrender our "Issac" everyday, God will do the amazing! Can't wait for our next rally!!! ⠀ ⠀ I love ya'll! No chill!!! 💋💘🔥
Aloha from Hawaii!
Archived Holo Entry: 069 Mission Objective: Friend...or Foe? Data Log: The abrupt silence that fell over the forest as the last dying alien breathed their last was almost as loud as the violent firefight had been. The absence of explosions, screams and gunfire left a shrill ringing echoing painfully in the two Spartans heads. -- The whirring of the hydraulics engaging caused the orange EVA to turn, blade still extended, watching as the massive Cyclops unceremonially discard half of a corpse to the ground. The sword wielding warrior was about to make a snarky comment when suddenly he froze, a familiar, low rumbling reverberating through his chest. -- “Covenant Phantom,” he breathed. “We need to leave, now!” -- The onyx colored blade sliced through the air and slid into the sheath on his back. He needn’t have spoken though, the Cyclops already on the move as the words left his mouth. A mechanical arm extended as the fourteen foot titan ran past, not bothering to slow. The EVA launched himself forward, latching onto the metal hand, swiftly climbing to the shoulder as trees whipped past. -- They were only on the move for a few moments until they sudden came to a jarring halt. The EVA frowned in confusion. -- “What are you-“ -- His words trailed off as he saw why they had stopped. A Jackrabbit. His partner’s Jackrabbit. But where was Kenneth? His frown deepened, uncertainty turning into suspicion and worry. He had thought the voice that had come over the radio was his partner calling for him. But upon the arrival of the other Spartan, he had just assumed it was a coincident that the Scout had found that emergency channel. -- But who was this mysterious figure, now encased in hardened titanium? And what had he done to Kenneth? • • • #toys #toptoyphotos #toystagram #toydiscovery #toyphotography #toyartistry #toyplanet #toycommunity #toyrevolution #toyunion #toygroup_alliance #justanothertoygroup #toyart #toycollector #toyspotcollector #toyboners
Maru Monday: $1 Miller Lite and delicious Mandoo! 🤙🏽Yup! #cafemaru #cafemaruhawaii #monday #mandoo #forkyeah #myfab5 #hawaii #mmmm #nomnomnom