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Palmdale, California

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Love ❤️ this pic that Kathleen took!!!
Swimming pools in the desert
Wondering when its treat time... #bunniesofinstagram #followbunnies #bunnies
I love kids and my frisbee
la la la lunch time 😋🍽 poached salmon salad with tofu, cheese & sunflower seeds. “There is no rules” salad.  #salad #salmon #cheddarcheese #tofu #sunflowerseeds #norules #noboudaries #ランチ #なんでものっけサラダ #ポーチドサーモン #豆腐 #チーズ #ひまわりの種 #美味ければよし #いただきます🍴🙏
Sunrise from this morning
🤫 Agents throughout So-Cal; Available 24/7 365 days a year.
102917 boys
I came across @thepillclub (for birth control) last week so I decided to sign up & it's actually legit! They accept almost any insurance or you can pay..Your doctor can fax them your current prescription or they can give you a new one..I got approved and got my package along with some goodies in less than a week, no more pharmacy visits every month! 😉 I'll definitely be updating you girls on how I like it! #thepillclub #bettersafethansorry
Ceviche time
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