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Zürich, Switzerland

Instagram photos and videos at Zürich, Switzerland

Day 4 of the 30day 1 min push up challenge to help raise awareness for #autism  Every day for 1 month( 30 days) I am going to do as many push ups as I can in 1 minute  If all goes well I might try and do a fund raiser such as doing as many  push ups in 1 hour (maybe live on insta)  Feel free to join me in this challenge, tag some friends to try it aswell, it's only 1 minute of your life that could help bring light to a great cause,  if you can't do full range of motion push  ups  then do them on you're knees  Are you up for it?  #challengeyourself @elainegallagher1990 @anthonymurray15 🏋❤🏋❤🏋❤🏋❤🏋❤🏋❤🏋❤🏋❤
Bagaimana cara kita memperlakukan orang lain akan menunjukkan seberapa besar "kwalitas" diri kita.... jangan pernah putus asa berbuat kebaikan... Assalammualaikum... 🌺🌼🍁
Ich und Pep Guardiola 🙆‍♂️
s c e n i c #alps #switzerland
has started quite perfect in the new week. Tortellini alla Peperoni with a trace of bourbon vanilla salt is an all new recipe. Topped by self made cinnamon chocolate ice cream for dessert.  Hope you started the week just as good as we did!  #tortellinimonday #crewlove #runningdinner #afterwork #chillivanilli #lovemondays