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Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

Instagram photos and videos at Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

friday night is a real rager #partypants #w00t #selfiefriday
Flying away from my responsibilities like
Finally made it to Black Canyon National Park
"Have you felt gratitude for nature today? You would not be alive today or any day if it were not for nature giving to you unceasingly. Nature is giving you an unlimited source of air so you can breathe, it is producing enough water for an entire planet's needs to keep you alive, and without the life-producing forces that the sun gives, none of us could exist . . . Now that is pure giving! How could anyone believe that they are not loved?" - Rhonda Byrne, The Secret: Daily Teachings ✨  #colorado #gunnison #canyon #blackcanyonofthegunnison #montroseco #coloradotography #nationalparks #visitco #nature #naturephotography #naturegram #naturegallery #naturelover #landscape #landscapephotography #landscapephoto #scenery #beautifuldestinations #travel #explore #exploregreatness #adventures #hiking #trails #optoutside #getoutdoors #coloradoadventures #nikonphoto #nikond3300 #nikonphotography
I'll go back to being a river rat now.. time spent away from society > most things 💜🛶✌🏼#nomakeup #liveoutdoors #selfietime #colorado
Back on the road after remaining stationary for a few unplanned days to handle the aftermath from one of my rental properties going up in flames. Thankfully everyone is alright, but it was certainly an interesting situation to experience on my 30th birthday. Many lessons can be had from even the worst experiences. During my long drives, I've actually been toying with the idea of coining the phrase "it if feels bad, there's a lesson to be had" as a bit of wisdom to pass down if I end up having kids some day. I just believe that whatever pains us as individuals or collectively, as a global society, can be rectified if we take every negative experience we have, signified by any time we are feeling bad, and search for lessons and growth to move beyond the pain, anxiety, stress, fear, grief or what not. Life is all about where we choose to put our attention. If I was not mindful, I could have focused on how my of my birthday plans were interrupted and how this will inevitably add an extra layer of stress on my little road trip. But if I allowed myself to feel victimized, I may have missed out on appreciating all the good happening for me that same day. For starters, my friends Val and Anthony surprised me with a goodie bag filled with a variety of kombuchas and my favorite Colorado pain medication🍃, as well as booking me a massage for my bday! My father selflessly took the whole day off from work to be my eyes on the ground while the whole house situation unfolded. Family, friends, neighbors all reached out to wish me well and offer assistance. Further, I'm realizing one of my properties will be completely renovated, which is a gift. Like the fable of the Zen Master and the little boy, I've always believed in the "we'll see" approach to ensure I never get consumed by drama. At 30, I am learning that creating habits based on all the knowledge and advice I've absorbed from countless sources is in fact wisdom. Using and sharing wisdom, I hope to be part of a world that
Happy Friday! Make today so awesome, that yesterday becomes jealous!