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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Life on the Run I  The unexpected is always dressed in forms of things being OK and that was only until the element of surprise delivered a lifestyle Amin wasn't ready to live. This is a fiction book based on reality and how anything could go wrong when your focus is unstable. Walk with me through the life of Amin, he is coming from a broken home, ashamed to be present on the first day of school and decides to play hooky with his classmate Damien to link up with two of the hottest girls in the city. Amin just wanted to play hooky, but instead gets caught up in the web of love, greed and murder that ejects him out of his innocence and lands him on a point of no return. A lot of things we just don't see coming... Life on the Run II  The saga continues... Locked away in prison for the rest of his life, Amin thought it was over, said, and done. Then a visitor from the halls of a corrupted court appears for an official visit. Amin was presented with an opportunity for his freedom, in exchange for a favor. Amin takes the offer without asking any questions. Then he hits the streets. Only to realize that it’s impossible to return the favor. This ignites the Mafia and they’re full of deadly enemies that kill for a living. However, Amin has Tina, the correctional officer who fell in love with him during his stay in jail. She promised to ride with him every step of the way. The crazy part about life is sometimes good things happen for the wrong reasons. Amin thought it would be as simple as returning a favor. But ends up feeling like he made an everlasting deal with the devil.  @authorjstjuice #author #publisher #marketing #branding PhillyClient #bookstomovies #partiiiupnext #completestepspublishing #completestepscoaching #rasberrirosefoundationinc
⛓ 3 MILLI 1999 ⛓  @rsvpmase @diddy @kingcombs @princejdc
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