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Augusta, Georgia

Instagram photos and videos at Augusta, Georgia

Every year I'm asked to hit the stage for my church's annual VBS. Personally, it gets better and better over the years. This was the first time I hit the stage with @armanraps @arman_hudson depsite that we have multiple songs together. Stay tuned, more shows on the way. #vacationbibleschool
Augusta, Pleasure P will be at SBAR this Saturday night performing with his shirt off. So I'm calling out all cosmetologist who do hair. Ladies, pleasure p is calling the best dressed and finest ladies on stage to give them a red rose 🌹 so dress ur best.
Happy Friday. 🖤
I don't have patients...... we ain't got it...... we gone take it #wegonemakeit
Fridaaaaay! 🤗 Lots planned with the kids this weekend! I can't believe only a couple more weekends left of summer and back to school they go.
Hi, 👋🏼 this is me, Leah with my newly acquired bonsai tree that has since been named "Bon-Bon," and I am now realizing I haven't watered him in like three days... I have a photography business called Lumarie Photo & Design, it's pronounced "loo-marie" and it's inspired by my middle name and the French word for light "lumiere." I've honestly thought about changing my business name to Leah Janik but I don't love my first name so it never happens.  I recently went on my first trip to Europe, with my mom I saw several different places in Greece and Italy and I hoped the experience would help me narrow down where I want to go with my husband. It didn't. Now I just reward myself for finishing a task by researching cheap tickets and day dreaming of where they lead.  But this particular Friday will include lots of computer sitting because I found like ten broken links in my website yesterday (😩) and then last minute friend road trips for tacos 🎉🌮
Grey days  #greyhound
Amazing cinnamon latte!!! #buonacaffe #buylocal #butfirstcoffee