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Rocky Mountain National Park

Instagram photos and videos at Rocky Mountain National Park

regram @rockynps From @alangarvick: “Yesterday we woke in the dark, packed our things, and set out to catch the first hints of light in @rockynps. Driving up Bear Lake Road in the dark my excitement grew as I knew what we were in for. Stepping out of the car we realized it wasn't exactly a calm day. As we set up at Bear Lake the wind and cold tried its best but could not distract us from the show before us. We witnessed one of the most beautiful sun rises I have ever seen in my life as the clouds caught on fire as they rolled across the top of Longs Peak (a peak we would hike to the base of later that day). After watching the spectacle we continued our way up to Dream and Emerald lakes where the wind only worsened...” It’s true—Rocky’s sunrises AND winter winds are no joke! #rmnp #rockypledge #findyourpark #rockyismypark
I like the way you work it. .  No diggity.
Your faith can move mountains, and your doubt can create them.  Choose wisely ⛰ * Sutra 3.19 : By performing samyama on the pratyayas, knowledge of another’s mind (arises). * प्रत्ययस्य परचित्तज्ञानम् pratyayasya paracittajñānam * “The clairvoyant contact between two individuals can take place only when the objective perception of the personality is clearly acquired in all the three stages.”- FCOF, Swami Satyananda Saraswati #samyama #pratyaya #knowledge #clairvoyance #perception #personality #practice #involution #yoga #sutras #yogaeverydamnday #practiceandalliscoming
🦌 #elk 🦌  It's always a treat going to #rmnp, especially when taking family & friends for the first time.  After a hike on to The Pools on Fern Lake Trail, we saw one of the coolest things today--and got to share it with my niece & mom.  At dusk, we came across a massive herd of elk. MASSIVE. I've seen 100-150 before. But this had to be at least 500-600 strong if not more.  They were running from a small meadow to a larger one, where they eventually all gathered. We followed them for an hour, enjoying the sunset & the view of snowy Long's Peak while watching the group dynamics & listening to all the bugling. It was really something special I may never see again. ✅ 3.4 miles  #coloradolife #mountaintherapy #alpenglow #sunset #wildlife
& winter’s on its way here to collect (don’t I look different without you?)
I love how this Picture Came Out 🍂❄️🍁 What a great combination fall & snow . 📸(me)  #rockymountainnationalpark #fall #snow  #colorfulcolorado #estespark #hellooctober #views #pictureperfect #photography
Turned out to be a perfect day in #rmnp with a real gem @courtneystraightoutta 🙌⛰☀️💙 #adventuretime #wanderlust #coloradosunshine #myhappyplace #soulsearching
Wondering what tree Sasquatch is going to pop out from 🤔
When your trying to get your protein in while hiking mountains 🏔 just...STRYVE 😋  @stryvefoods
"the mystical forces of nature"
I will always cherish this little Polaroid. It was taken on the day my best friend got engaged to the love of her life! We made some of my favorite memories. ❤️🌲 #neverforget #🌲🍕 #colorado