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finally got to check out her shop, so beautiful 😍
Got to go to Kat Von D’s tattoo shop yesterday 😭😭 thank you to my beautiful girlfriend for taking me 😘😘 @ashlee_wiott
Look how stellar  @beckymedero looks rocking our women’s HvT t-shirt! Shop our store...πŸ”— in bio⚑️ #highvoltagetattoo #getitgirl #katvond
I️ got the sweetest, most kawaii present ever today from  @ponywave πŸ€­πŸ’–βœ¨ her beautiful drawings as temporary tattoos!!!✌🏻✨ #drawings #beautiful #kawaii #tattoo #socute
A little something from our lovely guest artist @krystel_ivannie to brighten your last day of the weekend! #highvoltagetattoo #tattootime #flowertattoo
Did this big ol’ space filler collage a couple days ago at @highvoltagetat Had a ton of fun shaping these pieces to fit around his old work, and yet still find a way to tie things together. All while jamming out to the incredible sounds of @tychomusic Happy Saturday!!!!!
Healed Metropolis tattoo on @_digitalgirl by the rad! @mikeyctattoo #highvoltagetattoo #metropolistattoo #hvt
Ever since I was in 6th grade, I dreamed of getting my first tattoo done at High Voltage. Now that dream has truly become a reality. This tattoo is of Paramore's three bars logo, symbolic of the three members' (at the time) unity as a band. Not only does it unite the band members themselves, but also the entire Paramore fanbase, and I am more than proud to still be a part of that. Paramore's music has helped me through some really shitty times in my life, and as cliche as it sounds, they are yet another factor that has kept me alive to this day.  So thank you to @paramore for being such inspiring individuals, and thank you again to @saigonkicker for giving me my first dope ass tattoo. It is very much appreciated. Hope to visit High Voltage again sometime! ⚑️ #highvoltagetattoo #tattoo #paramore
Work in progress on this incredible Star Wars sleeve! by @artofkevinlewis #starwarstattoo #starwars #highvoltagetattoo #hvt
Finally getting to post a pic of my newest tattoo thanks to the amazing @artofkevinlewis I love it.  #joker #jokertattoo #heathledger #heathledgerjoker #thedarkknight #highvoltagetattoo #batman #tattoo #dccomics #sleevetattoo