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Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Instagram photos and videos at Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Her best pose yet? 😜
Ok ok we cute
Feeling powerful 💪🏻 #cantstopwontstop
Lady of the night 🖤🔮🖤
今回のNYは演奏と撮影の為に来ています。撮影をして頂く @takashi221 さん、そしておなじみスタッフ @pppppiroko !と打ち合わせ。  沢山笑ったクリエイティブで楽しい時間!たかしさんにリラックス状態へと導いて頂き本当に感謝です!! 撮影がとても楽しみ!
So many of us! #metoo
Gave me this then he left to Belgium for the week. Pretty sure he’s trying to get me to dress like him.
Thanks to a Queen @doramelissa for allowing me to be a small part of history & this gift to commemorate it 🙏🏽 1 of 5 #migente jacket 👀
Day five #blackandwhitephotochallenge  I challenge @dgimagination
一 抹 绿 光
Out with my big sis Liz! She is my ROCK and my best friend! #sisters #grateful