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Islamic Center of Southern California (ICSC)

Instagram photos and videos at Islamic Center of Southern California (ICSC)

Just some of the volunteers at the Islamic Center food pantry (Saturday mornings), serving low-income families of Koreatown. A great day! #islamiccenter #volunteer #islamliccentersoutherncalifornia #foodpantry #christian #muslim #buddhist #onegod
Such a privilege to live in #losangeles where I was able to visit the #islamiccenter of LA for 1pm prayers. So gracious and kind. The message: Allah knows what we do not know. But we are made perfectly for this planet  and have been given the tools to take care of this gift, the earth. Our job is to live with integrity, care for our relationships and heal them with God’s help when we can, and work with others for justice and equality. #religion #pluralism #worktogether #justice #equality #love #compassion
Make Time for Allah... Has God Ever Forgot You ?
Islamic center California have a bless Friday
Fajr Prayer in the Masjid 🕌. As’salamu Alaiykum Wa’rahmatullahi Wa’barakatuh Good Morning Insha’Allah Everyone has A Blessed Day
A moment with Rev. Jesse Jackson #revjessejackson #latergram #islamiccenter
"Usually this story is told from the beginning of the birth of Esa as if Maryam had no prior agency, importance or elucidation of a journey that leads her to give birth to prophet Esa. From her story, her voice, her own mother we can map three elements of how we achieve a form a daily peace. The Qur’an is a book, but it is also a set of stories that engender us with huda, guidance for a practical theology of everyday living on this Earth. The three elements I want to emphasize that spoke to me in reading the story of Mary are the following: wholeness, healing and hope. It is also the story that literally opened the first asylum for Muslims fleeing persecution from Arabia to the African Christian kingdom of Abyssinia. It has not just importance for our engagement on gender, but also in how we heal some of the deep wounds between races, communities and religions that fan so much conflict today." Opening of my talk today at Islamic Center of Southern California on #maryam #mary mother of #esa #jesus