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Osteria Francescana

Instagram photos and videos at Osteria Francescana

Curiosity and persistence refreshing reservation websites can take you places. Thanks to this silly billy we got to come to this little spot on earth and discover what the most amazing food on the planet actually tastes and feels like. Cocktails that smelled like renaissance gardens, passatelli that tasted like pizza but looked nothing like it. Wine that makes you contemplate your existence. A salad that kept poppin' 70% through the dish. Things that we couldn't figure out but felt like sunrises and spring. The most wonderful journey through Parmigiano Reggiano with its five ages and 300 emotions. And it's sweet counterpart, a pop corn dish that almost finished us. Only to be resurrected by the freshest and most powerful flavours hiding behind a smashed piece of lemon tart. It's all sharply downhill from here. 🤡💸😭
Dessert, deconstructed. - Oops! I dropped the lemon tart.  What a treat it was, to dine at Osteria Francescana. Thank you @massimobottura for the amazing experience!  #osteriafrancescana #modena #massimobottura #italian #cuisine #chefstable #michelin #sanpellegrino #food #experience #best
fancy as f*ck Osteria Francescana - Modena #italy #modena #chefstable
Grazie Chef!! 🇮🇹🙌 #worlds50best#italy#modena#bestmealever
The good old times
"What happened here today was a miracle, and I want you to fucking acknowledge it." Patrician clientele aside (wealthy people are shit and basic at appreciating world class food), that was an insight into the very reaches of human achievement in the most important, enjoyable thing in existence. And like all the best things in life, it clears the rust from the hinges of your soul, like it never existed. What a deep and absolute privilege today was. Every dish and drink was a fucking symphony. Not leaving the house in May tho, sorry. Rain, glitter. ☠️☠️☠️
This is your wife, and it's ending one minute at a time.
'Caesar Salad in Bloom' *Beautiful array of lettuces and flower petals flavored with a fruity vinaigrette and tart dehydrated raspberry powder. #salad #worlds50best #osteriafrancescana #3michelinstars #modena #foodaholicshkmodena #finedining
'Suckling Pig Tender and Crunchy' *Suckling pig served with beetroot, turnip, carrots, apple slices and pork jus. Personally felt the jus was over reduced but I loved their attention to detail and dish's colorfully abstract presentation (spot the pig shaped sliced veg/fruits)! #sucklingpig #pork #osteriafrancescana #worlds50best #modena #foodaholicshkmodena #3michelinstars
Tortellini with cream of Parmigiano Reggiano *Pork, mortadella, cheese filled tortellini dressed in the creamiest Parmigiano Reggiano sauce. 🧀👌🏼#tortellini #pamigianoreggiano #parmigiano #modena #worlds50best #3michelinstars #osteriafrancescana #foodaholicshkmodena