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Nourse Theater

Instagram photos and videos at Nourse Theater

Jon Snow, King in... 🤯
Always get final cut...anything else is fuckin bullshit - @davidlynchfoundation
Finally posting these photos from Tuesday night! I met David Lynch, he shook my hand, signed my book, and I gushed about “Lucky” and how great it was seeing him and Harry Dean Stanton work together again. 😭
Major love to @wkamaubell we can't wait to come back and give y'all more music ... here is some soundcheck vibes for the last visit.
Listening to Adam Savage from Mythbusters interview David Lynch and Bob Roth all on the topic of creativity and meditation was a pretty special treat. #davidlynch #meditationandart #nottwinpeaksbutstillawesome
Thanks Mr. Lynch, it was a pleasure seeing you speak last night with @blaineb  and @jalepenobizniss #davidlynch
Proof that meditation is becoming a major trend. Sold out event hearing from David Lynch and Bob Roth on transcendental meditation and creative process. @davidlynchfoundation #tmmeditation
“Negativity is the enemy of creativity. “ “Advice for artists: find your voice; always have final cut; start transcendental meditation.” -#davidlynch . . . . #davidlynchfoundation #nourse #noursetheatre #sanfrancisco #meditation #artistsadvice #transcendentalmeditation
Saw David Lynch speak last night about meditation and his creative process- not nearly as weird as I thought it would be, but interesting, eye opening, and eloquent. (Also he has the most expressive hands, who knew?)
Just an evening spent discussing Transcendental Meditation with David Lynch, Bob Roth, and Adam Savage. (Not pictured: David Lynch, Bob Roth, and Adam Savage). Thank you @hatebeets! (Also not pictured: @hatebeets)
David Lynch’s advice to young artists: * Find your own voice * Always have final cut * Never take a bad idea but never turn down a good idea * Never take no for an answer * Start Transcendental Meditation
Last night with David Lynch at @cityartssf. The first question during Q&A comes from someone asking about the meaning behind Mulholland Drive, and he simply replied with “I love you very much.” ❤️ Then he compared transcendental meditation to a Bentley 🤷🏻‍♀️
After 24 hours of self reflection in Calistoga, I was off to see David Lynch and Bob Roth talk about transcendental meditation. And then he signed my book! 😁 #twinpeaks #tmmeditation #noursetheatre #cityartsandlectures