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Calistoga, California

Instagram photos and videos at Calistoga, California

Getting excited for our drive... California, Arizona,New Mexico,Texas,Tennessee,Georgia and then our home in South Carolina.
Marriage license ☑️ @willprimavera #thisishappening #married2017 #weddingweekend
Everybody told me love was blind, then I saw your face and you blew my mind. 🌸
ویلایی جنگلی در شهر کالیستوگا، ایالت کالیفرنیا، آمریکا  مشخصات : قیمت : 12،500،000 دلار  سال ساخت : 2005  این ویلا شامل 26 عکس میباشد.  برای دانلود و مشاهده کامل تصاویر، فیلم و نقشه هر پروژه می توانید به کانال ما در قسمت بیوگرافی پیج مراجعه نمائید 👇 @bitbit.ir ‌ —---------------- www.BitBit.ir ترین های معماری و دکوراسیون ‌  #bitbit.ir #دکوراسیون #نما #ویلا
A house favorite... slow cooked roast with onions, carrot, pepperoccinis, and homemade ranch 🥕 #roast #ranch #food
Having a blast watching toy Story 3
Monday after the fire started. #napafire
My dream kitchen
Firestorm-Sunday's winds blew THIS out of the ground. This is one of many many huge trees that were pulled out of the ground at the root, and I was driving in that damn wind, not knowing I was driving just a couple miles ahead of the Tubbs Fire on Sunday night, trying to get home, scared af, power lines whipping the car I was driving, branches literally flying in the sky, hitting the car, and all I could think was how badly I wanted to get home. And I have NO idea the terror people who were ripped from their beds just a few miles away, having to drive in this wind PLUS fire surrounding them. I am grieving today. I can't think of anything else. I'm so grateful that Healdsburg was not in flames through all of this. #sonomastrong #thankyoufirstresponders #thankyoufirefighters #❤️🖤
Fire was on the mountain, but beauty persists and resilience prevails. @matteoundici and I drove for hours around Sonoma and Napa valleys today delivering donations and exploring the brutiful reality...life is one uncertain journey, love each other strong... . . . #sonomastrong #napastrong #winecountry #recovery #loveisthickerthansmoke #napa #sonoma