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Dadong Restaurant 大董烤鴨華茂中心店

Instagram photos and videos at Dadong Restaurant 大董烤鴨華茂中心店

Peking duck in Beijing is in my obnoxious tier 1 group of foods in cities you would fly a long fucking way for to eat (Tokyo owns the list and has five food groups on the list: sushi, yakitori, steak, pizza & ramen.  Austin and it's abundant bbq. Shanghai for dumplings). Cities that have many options for eateries that serve some of the worlds best version of food.  Everyone in Beijing has their own favorite spot for Peking duck, but Da Dong is great.  Always up there when i think about best Peking duck  I meet chef Dong a few years back at a dinner for Alain Ducasse. Super nice guy. He is probably the biggest chef in a China. I'm interested to see how Da Dong will operate in NYC. A guarantee that most American have never had Chinese food quite like this before. So delicious. Very exciting. #tier1
First meal: Peking duck, vegetable dimsum, roasted mushrooms, baby oranges, spinach, vinegar peanuts, duck soup, and grilled cauliflower.
我一定是吃到了假的提拉米苏😫 应该叫他 松茸朗姆芝士
Foie gras... believe it or not #fuchiko #food #shanghai