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Volcanoes National Park

Instagram photos and videos at Volcanoes National Park

This is Vuba - one of the silverbacks that lives with the Kuriama family of gorillas in the volcanoes national park in Rwanda. He was just starting to beat his chest in this image - a gesture aimed at the female gorilla on the far right who was sitting in his spot.  The sound they make when beating  their chests is loud and quite dramatic and the female moved pretty quickly although she had a rather mournful expression on her face. Vuba was born in August 1993 and is the second in charge silverback of the Kuriamas. In fact for all his bravado he was forced from his favourite spot only minutes later by the dominant silverback and quickly slinked off to another spot. #gorilla #gorillatrekking #rwanda #africa #wildlifephotography #conservation #virungas #silverbackgorilla #silverback #adventure
Getting ready for zeu TripπŸ‘ŠβŒšπŸŒ‹... Gasipari we wihangane wihangane nakoze ibishoboka byose ngo ugaragare byanzeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚@kellzrobz250
Missing the volcanoes #volcanoesnationalpark #rwanda
At the Visoke crater lake #gendarwandaurinziza
Once in a lifetime mission accomplished: a trek to see the famed Pablo group of Mountain Gorillas. Words can't describe how magical these animals are. I learned many important things today: 1. Gorillas hate rain even more than humans do, but both species can always count on their momma to keep them warm and dry. 2. My lungs can hold out hiking at 11k feet. 3. The conservation work being done by Rwanda to save these endangered animals is incredible--and it's working!! So grateful to have had this experience today (and also grateful to the guy who cleaned my muddy boots back at the hotel 😬). #igotsoakedbutitwasworthit #mountaingorillas #pablogroup #gorillasinthemist #dianfossey #gorillafund #conservation #endangeredspecies #trekking #volcanoesnationalpark #rainforest #mud #silverbackgorilla #rwandaful #rwanda
We had the once-in-a-lifetime privilege of tracking a family of mountain gorillas in Parc National des Volcans, Rwanda.  After spending 2 or so hours hiking through deep jungle, we arrived at the family we had been designated for the day.  One hour, to the minute, was the time we were allowed to be with these critically endangered giants.  It was a surreal time, watching the human-like qualities of the gorillas, while the babies swung around and just played in front of us.  Very non-threatening, in fact more welcoming than anything - especially when they walked closer to us, and the Silverback almost brushed past us.  Incredible.  We need to save these gentle giants and it seems like their numbers are increasing.
Those eyes! ❀️This baby from the Kuriama family in the Virungas is one year old. He was so curious and kept leaving his mother to check us out and even played with the silverback for a short time who happily accommodated this rolling sweet ball of fluff. As it had just poured with rain, the baby's fur was extra frizzy! We took about three hours to reach this little family of eight and it was one of the most surreal and moving experiences ever. I'm loving Rwanda. Trekking into the rainforest is out of this world #gorillas #gorilla #babygorilla #rwanda #virunga #volcanoesnationalpark #wildifephotography #wildlife #africa #gorillatrekking #nikon #kinigi
πŸ€”πŸ¦ (pensive gorilla) tbt #volcanoesnationalpark in Rwanda last year . #neverstopexploring #hikingadventures #instatravel #africa #travelphotography #adventureculture @for_the_yak @natgeo
Silver Back! 🦍
She is proud that she made me relax. What a smile. Lol
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πŸ‘πŸ¦ Gorilas en la niebla