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Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park

Instagram photos and videos at Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park

Ben wanted picture to show scale in reference to how large in height and diameter this Redwood was. Let me lean bike on it's base and stand next to it. Day 7 Ben and Ray's bike tour Oregon to Northern California @thelocalbikestand
Always keep an eye on your partner or your cycling group. So hard to find people lost in forest or having a mechanical issue behind you. 2017 September Ben and Ray's Oregon to Northern California bike tour 2017. @thelocalbikestand
I already miss the smell and sight of green Flora, trees every where, rain, smell of the forest, the ocean sounds, and having green grass and plants every other turn
Like pillars of light.
Male elk asking for directions at our campground. #elk #deer #camping #redwood #california
Yesterday’s Prairie creek hiking adventure with Drake🌲💕 #prairiecreek #ferncanyontrail
This picture does not even give 25% of the Beauty or scale to size of the Redwoods or how alive they feel.
The Forest is quiet and peaceful compared to the city life.
Nothing like dark Redwood Forest and bright sunlight to give my iPhone front facing camera a migraine.  2017 September 23rd.
If only life's secrets and hopes were as obtainable as the sun, just around the corner of the Redwood forest as this.
The California Park Ranger fellow was Saint. He knew what he was talking about. Redwoods, cooler, rollers and god's creations abound.
Entering Prairie Creek State Park.  Sorry for over exposed shot. Sun was in my eyes .. taken during Ben and Ray's 2017 September bike tour
candids only.
Next time i come up to Northern California. I come here in my SUV, hiking gear, and a bike also. I need to see more of this state. Sad I know more city of Las Vegas and those awful casinos than I know of my own state or state parks.  I probably need to get me a lady friend to accompany me or more vacation time when I come up here next. Lots of things to see and do out here.  But if I have to do it solo next time, so be it. I Have cash, a passport, and a tour or road bike - will travel !
Big trees, Elkens, and a cowboy dinner