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Black Sand Beach, Vík

Instagram photos and videos at Black Sand Beach, Vík

I am forever grateful for the infinite majesty that is our Mother Earth + all the joy from all the opportunities I've had to explore so many places she has to offer.  May we protect her beauty + delicate strength + limitless mystery with all we have.  Happy Earth Day.
Last week I met a guy who was going through a hard time. He was wrongly accused of something which caused a bit of a downward spiral. He was depressed and felt anxious when going outside his home. As he shared this with me, he said he strangely felt better. I had the chance to pray for him. I prayed he would know God's deep love and his unwavering worth in His eyes. He broke down in tears. I think it was cathartic for him to be reminded that he was never alone. We need community. In our company of friends, we find encouragement and strength. Life's better together.
*preachey vegan earth day post*
@King_Roberto taking in the view in south Iceland! Explore. Share. Inspire: #earthfocus
Thankful for #earthday bc now I have an excuse to post this candid from the lovely @gatsypatsy 🌏  #wasittho
Celebrating this #earthday with a view of the most unearthly landscape I've ever seen.
🖤Black Sand Beach 🌊
Photo represents my story #เล่าเรื่องด้วยภาพ
loooove this world