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🏛The second Punic War:🏛 The second Punic War was from 218 BC till 201 BC. The Romans had after the first Punic War the biggest maritime power,during Cathago had become the land power,specially in Spain. To preventan attact of the Romans  Hannibal, the punish general, planted an invasiation to Rome. Hannibal fighted against the native celtic tribes, because he wanted to go through their area to cross the Alps. Many soldiers died as they crossed the Alps, also many war elephants. The consul Publius Cornelius Scipio tried to detain Hannibal at the Rhone: he positioned his troops in the Po-flat. But the Romans were worsted by their enemies. Hannibal trailed Scipio to fight again, but Scipio hesitated, because of a new fight. But then they fighted again at the river Trebia. The Punish won once more. Gaius Flaminius also batteled against Hannibal and 15.000 Roman soldiers died. The Roman Senate choosed Fabius Maximus to be a dictator. He learned from the faults of his precursors and obviated a battle. But the Romans laughted about their dictator and selected him to be the second dictator. His name was Marcus Minucius Rufus. After their period of office the two Consules Aemilius Paullus and Gaius Terentius Varro should dare the finally fight. They had 80.000 foot soldiers & 6000 equestrians. Hannibal had just 40.000 foot soldiers, but 10.000 equestrians. At the 2nd of August 216 BC there was the final battle in Cannae. Hannibal won the final battle,because of his strategy and 50.000 Romans died in the war. Hannibals aim was to reduce the roman empire. But before the doors of Rome he turned back and didn't destroyed the city.--------------------------------Scipio Africanus tooked the command in 209 BC and occupated Cathago Nova. Scipio marched to Cathargo in 202 BC. Hannibal and Africanus batteled in Zama and Afranius won. In 201 BC they made peace with this conditions: Carthago has to reduce his fleet to 10 Tirems and it has to give all the elephants away. Also
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