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Appalachian Mountains

Instagram photos and videos at Appalachian Mountains

Those 10 miles killed us
Into the unknown.  Hiking through fog on the AT, on route to McAfee's Knob in Virginia.
They same time heals all wounds. That’s a lie. With each passing year, your sudden departure from this world becomes more and more tragic. I look at Hagan and think, “what if I only had five more years with him? Have I done enough? Taught him enough? Loved him enough?” Same with Dorian. Somehow you managed to do it all in the time you were given. Yet there were still so many adventures to be had together.  Things I’ve learned: 1. Don’t make a big deal out of the little things. 2. Live in the now. 3. Be the kind of parent your children will tell stories about.  I’m raising my boys like you raised me—spirited, free-thinking, kind, intelligent, and one hell of a sense of adventure. It’s no coincidence we feel at home by the water and love a good hike. I’m living in the moment, conquering this life one place at a time with them, seeing things you didn’t get the chance to. I know you would be traveling with us, because that’s who you were. ✌🏻Always missed, forever loved.  Marvin Daniel Ashby  2/26/62-2/25/00 . . #fourkids #nationalhero #rip #takethemeverywhere #1990s #dad #missyou #northcarolina #childhood #nostalgia #getoutside #appalachianmountains #snowskiing #cancersucks
My mom married her cousin last night, s/o to the reverend!!
well worth the 8 mile hike
Feeling alot like spring.
• I don’t like to power-trip about grammar. I believe 0% that people who misuse words are stupid just because they misuse words. It doesn’t thrill me to make people feel inferior if they don’t know language rules. (Unless the person in question is a bullying confefe who bigly abuses his own tremenjis power, in which case I might be tempted.) • AND I also believe that *consciously* using language is a pleasure and a duty that can bring us closer to understanding our own meanings and each other’s. • So in that spirit I bring to you, Confound it!, in which I disambiguate two commonly confounded terms or words or phrases. • Infer, y’all. To conclude. To deduce. To extrapolate from. To work out using your own dang brains. “Reading between the lines, Susannah inferred James’s meaning about Charlotte’s incompetence.” • Imply, y’all. To insinuate. To allude. To suggest. To indirectly express. “James didn’t say outright it’s Charlotte’s fault that Brownie died, but he definitely implied it.” •  NOW THE PLOT THICKENS. @merriamwebster includes a definition of “infer” in which it is synonymous with “imply.” This seems fishy to me. Looking at the two words’ origins, I’m implying such a use is actually an accepted misuse (kind of like “hopefully.”) Nothing wrong with that, per se, just adds some perspective and layering. • But I think there are so many perfectly non-confusing ways to express these sentiments that I would not use “imply” and “infer” interchangeably. I find it slightly lazy, a bit sloppy. It blurs meaning without any significant advantage. • So I shall draw inferences and make implications. And if a certain confefe ever *does* ask me, “Are you inferring that I’m incompetent?” I shall respond, “Oh, yes, definitely. And I’m implying it, too.” • #confoundit #writingtips #copy #grammarrules #contentstrategy #contentmarketer #mompreneur #femmeboss #disambiguation #craftyourcopy
One of my favorite moments, captured by @adecad78 - Wishing I could wake up on top of a mountain somewhere in the wilderness. This is where I feel most alive and free.
Great weekend with the boys filled with snowboarding, brewery hopping and lots of Fornite 🗻