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It all started with me nudging your seat in the youth van on the way to the beach on October 19,2013 and then we walked the other kids to the restrooms, and you stole my hat and put it on. On the way home we sat next to each other and I held your hand, and I was sad when it was time to drop you off, you were on my mind all the time, so I finally got the courage to ask you for your number through Instagram and we began getting to know each other more and hanging out, then on December 26,2013 I asked you out and it's been the best time of my life, we've gotten to go on so many adventures together, going to the beach🌊, to watch the lunar eclipse🌔, to the zoo🐘and even moving out of state with me to Washington 🌲🌧, where I got down on my knee and asked you to be mine forever ❤️💍! It's crazy how much time flies by but when your with your best friend/ love of your life, it's truly special 😊, On August 11th you became the mother to our little daughter Maddison,I love you so much Babe and hope you have a great day,  and Happy 4 years anniversary ❤️😍!! @batmanlover805 #happyanniversary #fiance #fouryears #2013 #adventures #movingoutofstate #miamor #myeverything #iloveyou #bestmotheraward #familyfirst
So hot in Cali picture came out white...
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E.T.  haza telefonal! 👽📞 #e.t.
Female, male or non-binary: California legally recognizes a third gender on identification documents  The state of California will now legally recognize non-binary as a third gender on official state identification documents.  Gov. Jerry Brown signed SB179 on Sunday night. The bill, dubbed the Gender Recognition Act, will allow a third gender choice on driver's licenses, state identification cards, and make it easier for people to change their gender and name on state identification papers.  Non-binary, is a catch-all term for people who do not identify as exclusively male or female, and has been slowly acknowledged by some states as a gender option.  In June, the District of Columbia followed Oregon's lead and began offering the gender-neutral choice of "X" on driver licenses and identification cards, and similar legislation is currently pending in New York.  Rick Zbur, executive director of Equality California, said in a statement that the bill puts California at the "forefront of ensuring the dignity and safety of its transgender, non-binary and gender-non-conforming residents." “When your ID doesn’t match your gender identity or expression, it can expose you to potentially dangerous situations," Zbur said. "SB 179 eliminates unnecessary obstacles from the process of getting state-issued identification documents for thousands of Californians.”
Thumbs up for renewable energy #pct2017 #manzanawindfarm
Sometimes You Gotta Spoil Your Woman With Coffee & Breakfast #cuzziloveu #mygirl #lovemygirls #happydaddy #dayoff
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Some mornings on my drive to work, I sit in my car and I wish I still had my little Hidalgo 🐎