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밥도둑 간장게장. 낙지돌솥. 순두부찌개. 너무너무 #맛있다 #먹스타그램
Banchan, short ribs, raw crab,and seafood pancakes 😛
Now I feel like I’m in LA!  Eating raw crab in k-town with @the_thejgold picture staring down at me.
Los Angeles best 101 restaurant NO.38
Fermented crab 🦀 is the perfect precursor to a ktown spa night
🦀 Been waiting for weeks to have ganjang-gaejang, raw flower crab marinated in soy, at Soban. And of course I ate the brains with their multigrain purple rice. Something in the marinade gives the buttery flesh a slight effervescence. The super sweet orange roe had a slight golden tinge to it in the mouth. It’s always a tender moment when your dining partner insists that you take the top of the crab shell. We also ordered their amazing galbi-jjim, studded with ginko, bouncy dok boki, and jujubes, fragrant with cassia. So many banchan to choose from... The bar of this small restaurant is lined front to back with fermenting jars filled with all kinds of fruits and vegetables. 🤤🤤🤤🤤/4 #chefskiss #ganjanggejang #galbijjim
Delicious galbi jjim (braised short ribs) and ganjang ge jang (soy sauce pickled crab) at Soban.‬ ‪(accidentally deleted the 1st post)
Oh my banchan! #galbijjim #banchan #ktown #bestofla #rawcrabisnext @the_thejgold
..why I’ve never been in a real, adult relationship. #babyme 😫
NYE early bird dinner. Even when I want to try and limit my appetite for deliciousness I get stumped by things like this. Shown here are only 3/4 of the entire spread of side dishes, each uniquely different and tasty. Also a peek of a classic fave of sweet soy marinated 🦀. . . . . #happy #반찬 #korean #ktown #laeats #jelleeeatsla #koreanfood #deliciousness #uglydelicious #dinner #earlybird #nye2018 #happynewyear