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Lincoln Square Movie Theater

Instagram photos and videos at Lincoln Square Movie Theater

It was a privilege to attend the Q&A with Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon. I love their dynamic. It was a bonus to see them interact with each other-taking turns answering questions and making the audience laugh continuously. It did well at the box office and will be rolling out to other cities.  Go see it as soon as you can! It is a nice companion to Wonder Woman and depicts a story we haven't yet seen at the movies. #thebigsick #amazonstudios
@brynpackard and I attended a screening of The Big Sick in a movie theatre with no air conditioning last Saturday. The movie was so wonderful that the heat didn't matter. It is now one of my favorite romantic comedies! #thebigsick #amazonstudios
Floored. Absolutely spellbound. What can I say? @babydrivermovie is just spectacular. There truly is no film like it. Director Edgar Wright brings his unique style and amplifies it to maximum capacities to make this slick, fun and charming film. The cast is perfect, the writing is sharp, the direction is unmatched and choreography (yes, choreography) is astounding. The use of music in this film is something so special and specific to this film. Bullets fly as the musical beats thud and cars drift accordingly with the melody. In many ways, this is a musical. We need more films that care about the soundtrack as much as this film does. What an amazing film. Sure to be a modern classic. RATING: 10/10 #babydriver #edgarwright @sonypictures @ansel @kevinspacey @lilyjamesofficial @eizagonzalez #jonhamm #jamiefoxx #film #movie #review #anselelgort #kevinspacey #lilyjames #eizagonzalez
Went to an advanced screening of The Big Sick last Thursday and was so excited to see a South Asian leading man in a romantic comedy. More Asians and minorities in leading roles, please!
Lost - yesterday's sunset #sunset #view #catchmeifyoucan #nyc
When the movie you went to see has its own photo op #thebigsick #goseeit #lincolnsquare #upperwestside #nyc #stuffedgiraffe #highballs
#thebigsick lovely movie