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Yukon Wildlife Preserve

Instagram photos and videos at Yukon Wildlife Preserve

Ever wonder what the mountain goats see when they are waaaaay up here looking down on you? Swipe to see the whole glorious view! #yukonwildlife #exploreyukon 📷 @flannelfantasy
Neature #howneatisthat 🦅
Thankful for bikes and pop punk music for making this insanely huge world feel a little bit smaller. ✌
Photo cred: @syvannaschmidt
BABY MOUNTAIN GOAT!!!!!!!!!!! #goat #babygoat #mountaingoat #goatsofinstagram #yukon #canada
me: we probably won't see a lynx, it's such a huge enclosure  lynx, unimpressed: *stares at me from 5 feet away* 🐈
Yukon, the #nyo150 marathon isn't even over and you've won.