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Morning world 🌎 start a new day with passion 💕
💖💚💖💚 @veescafe !
Воскресный марафон пройден👌🏻💯 Бег, кроссфит и дальше плавание, так провели раннее утро. Профессия trouble-shooter: человек, решающий проблемы  А знаете ли вы, что есть такая профессия - trouble-shooter. Суть их работы заключается в том, что они летают по всему миру и решают проблемы людей. Любые проблемы, любых людей. Обычно - больших корпораций, реже частных лиц.  Всего людей этой профессии не больше 100 человек в мире. Гонорары некоторых доходят до $100 000 в час, расписание - распланировано на месяцы вперед.  У трабл-шутеров главное - деловая репутация. Заказчики буквально передают их из рук в руки, скрывая от своих конкурентов. Реклама у них только одна – стопроцентный результат. Ошибка исключена.  Для того, чтобы понять суть их работы лучше, приведу пару примеров работы трабл-шутеров.  Были в Америке две большие фирмы, которые издавали ежемесячные справочники ″желтые страницы″ На рынке им было тесно, в ход шел черный пиар, демпинг, переманивание друг у друга работников.  Ничего не помогало, шли ноздря в ноздрю.  Обычно все офисные работники покупали сразу два справочника по доллару, не особо
I can't even focus on work because of this game
THE NEW #murder  You say: "You hate Trump, but you are Trump." You say: "You hate injustice, but you are the definition of injustice." You say: "You hate when your love ones turn on you, but look how you turn on GOD, and dear friends." ______________________________  Zoom in the room where the prophet is living;  Mind open to the bullshit, before it is giving.  #miketyson to the world,  Flying further from dumb pretty girls.  Surrounded by wicked #robingivens ---- everybody loving life, but ignorning the champion that is still breathing.  Brothers can't be mad when their wife leaves and when they turn the kids against you... look who Eve ran to and swiftly believed. "Ignored by daughters and same house friends . . ." Ignored by daughters and same house friends . . ." ONLY joy for their hearts, is if you #hebrew slave for them.  They say, they hate #whitesupremacist;  then go around white folks joking as if you were invisible, treating you worser than #williamlynch ---- ain't that a bitch.  No one slurping that hard pipe,  Yet, everyone seem to know your business on where you rest at night.  Gossiping of a black man's lack in life,  drop off at the bus stop, #maskoff as they drive off,  hollering out the rooftop of their ride: "Are you alright?" No conscience at all,  and they pray to remain fly & tall; yet always seem to fall hard when their love die or remains small.  Fake friends and wicked gossip are Worser than those guys in #virginia, with those backyard tiki torches. "Blind with no guide." Only soulful poetry open the eyes.  #whitegirls destroy health and close friends ---- For Wealth and beauty define these people, but all the prophet sees are #gremlins in plastic skin.  #pinocchios with NO truth within.  Dang, no wonder your nose is long and itching again.  Airing tonight that (2nd Samuel 11 & 12) flow.  Even though they treat a prophet, as #uriah, bro.  Solo, due to (John 4:44) ---- silently living hopeful as JOB, fresh off the stove, illuminating and
The Sundae Driver #12 Hash Rosin came out a beautiful color, full of terpenes, and extremely Stable / shattery!  Full Melt Washed by 🌊  @jungleboysfullmelts 🌊 and pressed by #theartofrosin 💦💎 #teamtaor #losangeleshashmakers
One year ago today I have met you, that was been the best day in my life! Meeting the sweetest, kindest, most caring, wonderful and an amazing person was the best thing I have ever wanted it. Being with you in the past year has been the best year in my life. I'm so thankful and grateful to have you in my life and I have loved you since then and will love you always and forever. ❤️❤️❤️