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Bisti Badlands

Instagram photos and videos at Bisti Badlands

Day 2 + State 5 . . πŸ“·:@peyhol
Bisti is no signs, no trails, just a massive desert of a hoodoos and arches and silt and ground shells and ash and I LOVE IT #getlost #noliterallygetlost #bringyourgps #desert #hoodoos #bisti #badlands #newmexico
One risky badass setup in the Bisti Badlands, New Mexico.  Gotta risk-it for the composition! 😏 πŸ“Έ β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β € Swipe βͺβͺβͺ to check-out the #🌌 lapse at the end. β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β € •Lapsed by @OneLapse•
"Gigerland"  This impossible scene appears to come straight out of H.R. Giger's brain. It is, however, a real place in the Bisti Badlands (New Mexico) sometimes referred to as "Alien Eggs". The rocks here take on odd organic shapes and appear to have split open revealing their payloads of more alien forms.  Shot with a Nikon D810a and Zeiss Distagon 15mm f/2.8 lens. The foreground is a focus blend....shot twice to account for near focus and infinity focus to provide sharpness across the entire field of view. The sky was imaged with twelve 15-second frames, registered in PixInsight, stacked and median combined in Photoshop.  You never know what you might shoot on one of my photography workshops! If you're interested in learning how to capture and process night sky photographs like this, send me an email at steve@stevecullenphotography.com to find out more about my nightscape workshops in Hawaii, the western United States, and many other interesting locales. #lifeisgood #nightscape #nikon #jeep #bistibadlands
Hoodoo canyon - watch out for sinkholes!
A few weeks ago, I didn't know this place existed -- I'm still questioning it.
Hoodoos abound in the Bisti Wilderness