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Bisti Badlands

Instagram photos and videos at Bisti Badlands

Paikallinen Hirvaskankaan Hitonhauta :) #hiking #bistibadlands
Dinosaurusten fossiileja etsimässä astetta siistimmässä paikassa 🌵😎🦎
Dessert Lighting 👌🏻. #getmolyvaded #bistibadlands #nattylife
Bisti part 4 Mojave on a lost hoodoo- At this point, we had scrambled to the Eastern highlands, camped through the most quiet night I can remember, and begun our boomerang route back towards the truck. There were a few hidden gems tucked away like this if you don't mind a meander.
Bisti Part 3 The endless trudge continues. Nothing but crunching footsteps underneath and faint footprints left behind. Time passes freely while shadows become longer. The repetitive cadence of our walking sets the bass line for conversation. We tell stories and jokes, but not at the expense of loosing our breath. Mojave starts to reign in the excessive zig-zaging and keeps close to my side. Now, is time to find a straight line and survive the sun.
Swipe ➡️ Bisti Part 2 This is us, slugging up and out of the wrong wash and sliding into another, wrong wash. It’s easy to look at a map or google earth before hand and pick your route and say, “Look, here’s the main drainage that will take us all the way to the highlands, no problem.” Once on foot, at ground level, even with map and compass, I found about 10 “main washes” all that ended in box-canyons or dog-legged the wrong direction. After every failed wash exploration, there was the mandatory exit and immediate entry into another. We were in a sort of comedic, copy and paste landscape, where there was no place to grab your bearings, even on top of a ridge.
I want to try something a little different. With this account, it is my intention to show what real backcountry adventure looks like. I don’t want my archive to be full of clean, staged photos with a perfect campfire in the background. It is my hope to find meaning in the struggle and show the beauty of the destination.  I want to share my stories of raw adventure and naked landscape and hear yours too. ———————————— Where we began this weekend, there was no water, no trees, no good shade, and no life, except the 3 of us. My best friend @natetacos drove from Colorado to pick up me and dog. We went straight to one of the most barren landscapes I know, which is in Northwest New Mexico to a Wilderness area called Bisti Badlands. It was our goal to backpack through and see as much of the 30,000+ acres as possible before running out of water. No water sources means a lot of water weight on your back…  I want to share this adventure one leg at a time, because it deserves a story. Photo #1 counts ten minutes of walking after leaving the truck, looking up the drainage and into the beginning of our route.
⭐ PhotoPiller of the Day! ⭐ 👉 @MattPaynePhoto “Wandering in the dark in the hoodoo-strewn desert landscape of the Bisti Badlands is such a surreal experience. No sounds. No light. No other living animals. Just me and the night sky. About 30 minutes into my photo shoot I noticed the 35% lit moon rising on the horizon, which added some great ambient light to the scene.” 📷 Nikon D800 | 14mm | ƒ/2.8 | 30s | ISO 4000 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– 👉 Want to get featured? Link in Bio! Submit your legendary photos to the PhotoPills Awards, get featured and win amazing rewards ($6,600). #photopills #photopilleroftheday #photopills_night #photopills_mw
My mom and I go on the coolest road trips🌵
Badlands are extensive tracts of heavily eroded, uncultivable land with little vegetation - which basically means they can sustain very little life. @NewMexicoTrue #newmexicotrue Photo by @ChrisBurkard . . . . . #주말 #insect #trees #climbing #camping #mountainlife #instatraveling #wood #ilovemycat #flowerporn #beautifulplaces #pony #macroworld #optoutside #instaflower #instapassport #sand #gallop #free #reef #scuba #wave #skypainters #forest #underwater #himmel #landscape_lover #weather #ic_water
Bisti Wilderness
More Orion! This is a 3 minute tracked exposure on my @skywatcherusa Equatorial Mount shot in the dead of Fall/Winter last year in New Mexico, I visualized a very "otherworldly" vibe to this photo while shooting it in hopes to show how different Bisti Badlands is! I used a few artistic editing techniques I developed for my workflow to accentuate Bernard's Loop, the red Hydrogen Alpha gases around the Orion constellation. I love post processing and spending lots of time editing my images because it helps me differentiate myself from the other very talented astrophotographers out there.  I am thinking about doing a total 'Orion' workshop this Fall/Winter in Arizona focusing on shooting the parts of the sky that generally do not get much love from landscape astrophotographers: Including the 'North/Upper' end of the Milky Way, Cygnus region, Andromeda, Plediades, and of course the great Orion constellation! 🌌  Again this was a simple 3 minute tracked image in an EQM blended together using Photoshop with a foreground I shot of the Alien looming slick rock formations of Bisti Badlands in the late twilight hours earlier that night, I did not move my tripod between exposures.
The sunset on the Bisti Badlands last night was definitely a sight to see. A terrain that was once a rainforest, formed and shaped by years of weathering and wind. Added to the list of places to return for another visit 🔆 #gooutside
remembering all the places your two feet have taken you - today we explored all over the southern tip of colorado, went to the four corners monument, and so many more amazing destinations in this area. can't wait to share, stay posted ⚡️