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Nyungwe Forest

Instagram photos and videos at Nyungwe Forest

It's beautiful there, people are enjoying the jungle. In Nyungwe national park #beautifulrwanda #nyungwenationalpark #handsomepeople #beautifulones #bestpictures #rwandaful #temberaurwanda
Cute Black & White Angola Colobus monkey in Nyungwe national park #temberaurwanda #nyungwenationalpark #beautifulrwanda #bestpictures #rwandaanimals #colobusmonkey #rwandaful
When I look down from lofty mountain grandeur and hear the brook and feel the gentle breeze, then sings my soul... #earthday
Baby jungle being beautiful.
Blue monkey in flight
Long time exposure of the jungle by the campfire.
Sometimes we just got to let go and feel free, put life in autopilot, n feel the breeze 🌊
When the night is lifting.
Paradise falls
On canopy with beautiful and handsome people
The plants are so dense here that even a waterfall was hard to spot.
Showing you off today because exactly 1 year ago you committed to your YAGM year in Rwanda, and I couldn't be more proud of you! ❤ Not at all surprised by how much your community loves you :)
And the best name in kiniarwanda goes to the Igishigishigi plant. No macro needed for these huge leaves.