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Ginza Onodera Los Angeles 鮨 銀座おのでら

Instagram photos and videos at Ginza Onodera Los Angeles 鮨 銀座おのでら

From the beginning to the end, superb. Highlights from Ginza Onodera LA #foodporn #sushi #ginzaonodera #omakase #오마카세
Chef Yoshiyuki Inoue  of Sushi Ginza Onodera Los Angeles My new best sushi omakase! Ranking among the best ones 1.  Sushi Ginza Onodera (LA) 2.  Sushi Sunsoo (Seoul) 3.  Sushi Nakazawa (New York) 4.  Sushi Hoshikai (Jeju) 5.  Sushi Cho (Seoul) 6.  Sushi Hyo (Seoul) 7.  Sushi Kojima (Seoul) 8.  Sushi Ariake (New York) 9.  Sushi of Gari (LA)  #sushiginzaonodera #sushi #losangeles #westhollywood #chef #sunghosushiranking #omakase
The highest level of omakase in LA #eatwithchitao#chitaoofficial
Since we’ve already been together for half a decade, there’s only two more years to go for The seven-year itch. 😂 Watch out! @kavykun ❤️
Japanese Uni
I can’t even get passed the beautiful setting from last night’s sushi. Dining on a gorgeous sushi bar of 200 year old wood. 👌🏻
Happiest birthday booboo✨ I love you and I like you 💕 #familylove #birthdayboy #aboutlastnight #weho #calilife A rainbow should shoot out of that  bottle of sake each time we open it 🌈