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Dhalqut, Z̧Ufār, Oman

Instagram photos and videos at Dhalqut, Z̧Ufār, Oman

كنت نازل اصور طائر الحجل العربي . يعتبر من اجمل الطيور الموجوده في سلطنة عمان 😊😊 وخصوصا جبال صلاله .  وحصلت شخص يصورني  وانا اصور 😃😂😃 .  شكرا أبو الخليل ع الفيديو 😎😎😎💪💪💪 @adventurer.oman  #فريق_شباب_عمان_للمغامرات  #وحووووش_التحدي  #صلالة  #شعت
I was planning on exploring Colorado this week, but unfortunately rain interrupted my plans. So here's a photo you haven't seen yet 😉In western Oman camels run around freely everywhere: crossing highways, wander in the city or beaches, but at night they know how to come back to their homes for dinner. They're semi wild, as they're privately owned. When I saw this fluff sunbathing I jumped out of the car quickly and decided to make friends (that's why I covered my shoulders quickly with a scarf lol!). He let me pet him and I even gave him a hug 😍 Do you like camels? Matt thought they were too stinky 🐫🐫 . . #camelselfie #camels #oman #salalah  #animallover #wildlifelovers
#خريف_صلالة #dhalqut