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Momofuku Ssam Bar

Instagram photos and videos at Momofuku Ssam Bar

Birthday boys who were worried there's no enough food and their Bo Ssäm
Typical Sunday
Look at that glisten. Momofuku ssam's famous pork shoulder finally met my stomach. It was a wild time! @momolongplay
I cannot stop thinking about this A5 MP ribcap. I'm super jealous of 📷 @restaurantgroupie. Thank you for the support.  @maxxiko putting his fingerprints on ssam
While everyone else keeps taking great pictures of the city, I will continue focusing on what's most important, food and booze.
Pass the Torch,  Give a Fishing rod, not a Fish
Late night dinner with the boys. @jherlihy @mtp_3000 thanks @noithan!
Uni over rice topped with furikake @momolongplay. 😋#momofukussam #eastvillage #fridaynights