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Instagram photos and videos at Iowa

Another fine winter day ❄️
Just doin’ a little wirlybirdin’ over Iowa... August 14, 2012. #phrogs #flying #inthesky #usmc #whirlybird #vh60n
What keeps me to stay motivated? 🔥 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 Seeing others out in the world and on social media writing their own stories from fitness and/or health. It is beautiful to get to see so many different stories, different progress, different views of life, and different goals from one person to the next person. I literately jump out of bed to want to root for everyone who is trying to achieve their goals and their dreams. Because being able to see everyone’s stories being shared is incredibly beautiful and inspiring. It is freaking cool that not one story is the same as the next story, from beginning to end. No matter one’s differences, or one’s struggles, or one’s triumphs- I will continue to root for each human that is forever trying to get though their life while trying to better themselves. Not every day is sunshine and rainbows but we all have goals that will arise and will shine with time, patience, and teamwork. 💯 ——— #createyourhappy #liveyourlife #nevergiveup #bepositive #bethechange #bestself
Sunday’s are for Football and Sleeping on the Couch 🏈🛋
Happy 2 years in my home 🏡 celebration 🍾! My humans made me rice with peas and raw steak. #spoiled #spoiledrottendog #lifeisgood #dog #cachorro #mixdog #love #goodfood #goodday
Had my fill of Winter. Ready to go Jeepin’ again with my faves when the weather gets lovely.🤟🏻🌞
I'd like to nominate these two for stinkiest dogs in the state. #husky #browndog #dogfarts
Fear stops people from dreaming. Failure stops them from trying. Judgement stops their expression.  My fears only push me to dream bigger. Failure is just a word. Judgement..... try me.  #dreambig
I am so ready for this day to be over! It was my 2 year with my human celebration. I am over fed me and terribly tired of playing with my new indestructible konan ball! #zzz #tired #sleepybaby #sleepydog #playtime #nappy #adoptdontshop #rescuedogsofinstagram #happyday #cachorro #sabueso #hound #winter #iowa @hhspets thanks for finding a good family for me!
Karen Chen has had a pretty difficult season, I know she’s had a lot of issues with inconsistency and she’s sort of lost her confidence. But to say that she’s 18 years old, and an Olympian who choreographs her own programs is incredible by itself. Even if she doesn’t medal or even come close to the top I will still look up to her and hold her at the highest regard. I look up to her a lot simply because when she skates she just makes me feel things that other skaters just don’t. You all probably think it’s silly or haven’t even read this far but in my mind she’s so cool and incredible and she will always b my favorite skater. She’s currently in fourth btw that could change through the rest of the night but I need to go to bed so goodnight. Also sorry for the spam.