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Mount Nyiragongo

Instagram photos and videos at Mount Nyiragongo

Too awesome not to share another one 🌋🌋🌋 #mountnyiragongo #virunga #iccn #drc #geologyporn #volcano
Guys, my restlessness is at a level 10. This has been the longest I've stayed still in one city for and if I had to climb up a 70 degree volcano for 2 days again as my getaway ... I'd say yes in a heartbeat.
Back to that time I was roasting marshmallows on a 300 ft wide erupting lava lake.
Volcano beers are the best beers. #congo
Day 2 of Volcano week! Today our featured volcano is Mount Nyiragongo in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Give us a follow to see what this fantastic volcano has to offer! 📷 @shcherbininka
Решено! Африке быть! Зимой.  Кто, традиционно, слабоумный и отважный, и хочет поехать со мной? Прививку от желтой лихорадки, и вперёд! Навстречу приключениям!🌋🏜🦍🐘
Give me 🔥 and brimstone any day #ringoffire #letitburn @scintillation * note in pics 3 and 4 the ridiculously steep slope and straight vertical climb
volcanic glows 🌋🔥💥
mornings on the edge of an active volcano - casual 😎🌋