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Instagram photos and videos at Knightsbridge

Good to hang with @hulk_rs today - the first Merlin Purple #rs7 i have seen. Look forward to seeing the finished photos from @ksgto 😬
πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ #homely
Women's rights to bodily autonomy in every sense are human rights. LGBTIQA rights to be safe and loved are human rights. Immigrants' and refugees' rights to be free are human rights. Muslims' rights to practise their faith without fear are human rights. Black people's rights to not be murdered by police officers are human rights. Random, every day people's rights to not be the victims of gun crime are human rights. The rights of we, as citizens of democracies around the world, to have FAIR and honest voting systems are human rights. That's why today around the world we come together to show our humanity and to stand together as just that, humans. Equal in the eyes of the law and equal under God. A-to the-men. Peace out ✌️
Fun coupons! #audemarspiguet