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Lake Tanganyika

Instagram photos and videos at Lake Tanganyika

@dreamzacher255 @dreamzacher255 @dreamzacher255 @dreamzacher255 πŸ”œ
*Be still*  I see it in the sunrise, just before its colors dance away the shadows.  I feel it in handfuls of damp, white sand and broken seashells dripping from the ocean. I taste it in bounty in homemade meals, hidden between the green beans and dinner rolls, and I hear it in the crickets' nightly secrets and echoes in tree tunnels on Michigan's winter hikes.  I smell it in lavender-scented candles, thunderstorms and my mother's perfume.  Peace.  Wash over me and let me see that I, too, am all of these things. And be still my heart for I am seen, and felt and heard and smelled and tasted.  Be still. • • • I've had a rough week, but through meditation and self-reflection I was able to restore some balance to my inner energies. I was often searching for quiet and balance when it was peace I was seeking. I am wishing you a week filled with inner peace and silence to the demons that fill our minds. Be still. • • #poetrygram #day18 #30daysofpoems #innerpeace
Exclusive location
Boat + the Late, Great Big Bird = a photo from my time in Tanzania that I haven’t posted before (cue shocked face).
usiruhu maneno yakuruge usiruhusu hasira ikae kwakonamuweka mlinzi awe ngome yako akupiganie ubaki salama.bwana naomba utete nao wanaoteta nami naomba upigane nao  adui zangu wote mm sitaki kubishana nao sitaki kugombana nisije nikakosea wakanilaumu.
Another tough day on the lake.... πŸ˜‚πŸπŸ‡ΉπŸ‡Ώ
Un verre ou deux. Deux verres ou trois🌊
Mornings here are just the best..... calm, silent, colourful
Always find time to reflect and be thankful for each day......
l love you T_shirts #noiz_arachuga