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Thanks @hivecaps for these new deep caps! These caps are the jam!! #hivecaps #inkcaps
Those of you that know me know that I'm a huge Star Wars fan and probably can't even imagine how stoked I am to see the movie tonight.  I woke up so early this morning because I'm so excited.  Here are some past Star Wars Lego paintings I have done.  Who else is excited for it?
Love tattooing/drawing/painting skulls. Never posted a picture of this finished up. Really fun Tattoo to do. Everything is healed except the crown of thorns. @blackanchorworldwide @stencilanchored @fusion_ink @bishoprotary
Sorry haven’t posted to much but have quite a bit to post now. A rose in a California bear. Was super fun. What else can I put a rose in? 🤔 for appointments please email me at cheeseburgerchampiontattoo@gmail.com  #rose #rosetattoo #flowertattoo #california #califoniabear #fusionink
!Spoiler Alert! Hidden footage reveals what #rick was really upset about this week. Carl @chandlerriggs5 wasn’t bitten, he actually got a #negan tattoo from @nikkohurtado #lucille #negan #carl #nikko #rickgrimes #tattoo @blackanchorworldwide
Been posting videos of my tattoos. Here are a couple of still shots from about a month ago. I’ll post some stills of recent works. I’ve been busy and haven’t had a chance to get to it. Here is the orc and silent hill Tattoo fresh. @blackanchorworldwide @stencilanchored
Go to start this anime leg sleeve this last weekend. My client sat like a champ 2 days back to back.  Can't wait to work on it more. To make an appt with me Dm or email me mathewhurtado@gmail.com
Here's a little "Oakland Loteria" commission I did yesterday. 5x7 oil on wood.  I love making up Loteria cards for paintings. @blackanchorworldwide #art #oil #painting #loteria #oakland
These designs and MANY more available.  Offering these at an awesome discounted holiday rate.  Let’s party 🎉  Msg me for deets  #umbrellaface #hvyontheblk #blackanchorcollective
Got to do this #vegeta tattoo today. It's a start to a anime/video game leg sleeve. I get to add more tomorrow as well.  Would love to keep doing more tattoos like this. If you are interested to make an appt email or Dm me mathewhurtado@gmail.com @blackanchorworldwide @fusion_ink @fusionink_ca @tacsciences @stencilanchored #fusionink #blackanchorworldwide #tacsciences #art #dragonballsuper #dragonball #tattoo
Big shout out to my tattoo artist Jose Guevara Morales. Thanks bro
#benochoagiveaway2017  I can’t pick my fav. I like them all. Thanks again @ben_ochoa.
Last night I finished a amazing Joker shoulder piece done by @ben_ochoa. Original illustration was done by @benoliverart. #joker #dccomics #tattoo #tattoosleeve #blackanchortattoo #benochoagiveaway2017