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Met an athlete today! #whitehorse #alayukadventures  #dogsledding
Another bucket list item ✔ī¸ Sled dogs, huskies and malamutes are my favorite dogs!! It was a dream come true to follow up having met champion musher Lance Mackey this past Fall in Alaska, with a dog sledding experience in the Yukon. Led by Marcelle Fressineau who knows Lance and has raced in both the Yukon Quest and Iditarod, I felt like I was on cloud 9 sitting in the sled racing through the forest. If you've ever spent any time around these dogs you can see their enthusiasm for the experience in every move they make and the way they bark and strain at the lines if you pause, ready to get back to running! They love running!! And I loved my time with Alayuk, the name of Marcelle's outfit which is located between Carcross and Whitehorse in a stunning area of Yukon Territory. I also loved speaking with her after our ride to learn more about mushing. It's a way of life for many in the world, not just here in the Yukon, and in fact she's been working with sled dogs since she was young in Switzerland and used to guide week long expeditions in Quebec. Elsewhere in this part of the globe, mail was one delivered solely by sled dog! I though that was fascinating. 🇨đŸ‡Ļ @travelyukon @curio_trips #exploreyukon #canada150 #ifollowmycuriosity
īŧŠãƒ¯ãƒŧホãƒĒぎ思いå‡ēīŧŠ ホワイトホãƒŧã‚šįˇ¨ã€‚įŠŦãžã‚ŠđŸ•đŸ’•ã“ãŽæ—Ĩは気渊もマイナ゚10åēĻãã‚‰ã„ã§å¯’ã™ãŽãšã€å‚åŠ č€…ã¯į§é”とã‚Ēãƒŧ゚トナãƒĒã‚ĸäēēぎごå¤ĢåŠĻぎ4äēēでゆãŖたりæē€å–Ģできぞした。 #canada #yukon #whitehorse #dogsledding #workingholiday #olympus #ã‚ĒãƒĒãƒŗパ゚å€ļæĨŊ部ã‚Ģナダ #ワãƒŧキãƒŗグホãƒĒデãƒŧ #ワãƒŧホãƒĒ #ワãƒŧホãƒĒã‚Ģナダ #ワãƒŧホãƒĒ備åŋ˜éŒ˛ #įŠŦぞり #動į”ģゆれぞす #ピãƒŗトã‚ēãƒŦぞす #äš—ã‚Šį‰Šé…”いされる斚はお気をつけください #🇨đŸ‡Ļ
#teammates 🐾