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Melrose Avenue

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When the light actually chases you...
M O V E O N. L E T G O. - When I was in Mexico with @wejourney I was introduced to @myintent. At first it seemed like a "cute" accessory but, I quickly learned that it was so much more than that. You are presented with a blank disc on a string and you can engrave whatever you want on it. For me, it was "what do I need?" I chose "let go" and have been wearing it as a constant reminder everyday to let go of the things I have no control over. To let go of negative people, energy, and ideas. To let go of the things holding me back from my full potential. That Mexico trip sparked something in me that changed my life. - After my trip to Costa Rica in March with @wejourney (they don't pay me, I just love them) , @redbullamaphiko and Journey hosted a fundraiser at the Journey house. I was able to reconnect with my new friends I met the week before in San Rafael as well as meet so many other amazing people. My Intent happened to be there too and, after some hesitation, I decided to get another bracelet. I didn't know what I was feeling or what to put on this new one but, "Move On" was suggested and it just felt right. I'd been letting go of the negativity but I hadn't fully been able to walk away. I'd let go of the things holding me back but I hadn't truly moved on to my next step. It was time to "Move On." Costa Rica was a trip that changed my career trajectory significantly and I am so grateful to have been a part of such a beautifully inspiring journey. It was truly a trip of "moving on." - My "let go" bracelet is tattered and worn out from never taking it off and I asked Rachel (who works with My Intent) what I should do if it falls off and she said "Truly let go. Let it signify your growth." That's what I plan on doing and I'll keep the disc as a reminder of my personal growth. - @myintent is more than just an accessory. It's something that reminds me daily that I need to keep pushing forward. To not let anything hold me back. To let go. To move on. That I only get
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Good morning β˜€οΈ been living in my 'summer honey jumpsuits' by @babesandfelines lately πŸ˜‹
😈 @sincerlykaos @susieee_143 @d3_ja
#art and inspiration around every corner - came across this van on #melrose ✌️✌️✌️From LA - #themysterymachine #travelingspiritsapparel #travelingspiritsclothing
Nobody really likes us except for us. . .
I'm gonna miss living together with these girls πŸ’—
"What if I fall?" "Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?" #losangeles #california #angelwings #colettemiller #melroseavenue #colettemillerwings #streetart #beverlyhills
Friends are like flowers .... blah blah blah love ya #letseatdoughnuts @maria__corrigan
When they have one left in your size. #clutch #moreuptempo #nikesportswear