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Momofuku Ko

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Happiest of birthdays to one of the sweetest most beautiful woman I know. So so happy I got to experience #momofukuko with you on your#birthday what a treat! #newyork #fabolous #dinner #tastingmenu LOVE YOU 😘
#acidstudy OR #theelectricrieslingacidtrip thanks @jordansalcito for helping us escape #teddycoane for the night
Green bounty. 💚💚💚
Between two ravs. #pleasedonttouchmyrav
The only kind of beef I like to have in my life 😏 🍴beef au poivre - dry aged and lightly seared with green pepper sauce
This photo shows how I was plotting out my best Parkour moves to get across two counters and take that entire cheesecake home. _ The Momofuku Ko Cheescake is a hauntingly delicious dessert concept of what a lightly sweetened, fluffy cloud would taste like if clouds weren't really made out of ice crystals and dust. The Ko cheesecake has the texture of a soufflé, is maple-glazed and served warm. The tinge of sheep milk cheese cuts through the sweetness and if you are somebody special, you get a slice with shaved truffles on top. If not, it will be bare and everyone sitting at the counter will see you are just average, like everyone else.  _ Sheep Milk Japanese-Style Cheesecake, Warm with Truffles Momofuku Ko | NYC | 07/21/17 #loustejskal_momofukuko #loustejskal_nyc @ko_ep @davidchang @seanalexgray @suwongruiz @michelinguide @pallavisangtani
There's something almost pudendal in the presentation of this dish @momolongplay - I'm sensing a deep and meaningful metaphor as eggs pour forth from egg; look hard enough and I may just find the meaning of life, but the garnish of crisps reminds not to take anything, too seriously - including food. Who's old enough to remember a time when hoteliers served every dish with a "crescent of crisps" to make it classy? Ahhh, the 70s... it was a bad time in UK kitchens. 😂 #food #travel #worldiner #eats #worlds50bestrestaurants
Happy Bday Hanif ❤️ sure love the shit out of you
Uni with chickpea hozon at @ko_ep looks simple, but actually isn't. It's been on the menu since Ko moved, but I still don't think a lot of people understand how deceivingly complex it is. So when @AmericanExpress and @TBrandStudio wanted to film the story behind it, we knew we didn't want to make your typical cooking video. What we made is this new 360* #amexplatinum experience that takes you through our process. It's a little weird and unexpected, but I'm excited to share this story in a new way. See what we made at nytimes.com/amexplatinum
What have I, what have I, what have I done to deserve this?