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Momofuku Ko

Instagram photos and videos at Momofuku Ko

Skate, cauliflower, lemongrass. At the bar @ko_ep #bloombergeats Latergram
Really excited to see this guy cooking in New York City. Thanks and congratulations @jimmy_parry & @seanalexgray, the bar at Momofuku Ko is 🔥
The animal sausage @ko_ep : the deboned neck of a chicken (head attached) transformed into a delicious if provocative “frankenfurter” made of chicken, duck, and pork. Don’t forget to eat the comb. Served with an onion mustard. #bloombergeats Latergram
A quick stop-in at the new @ko_ep 3.0 bar space - hash browns with monkfish liver and hiramasu crudo with green radishes and an Earl Gray Spritz #eeeeeats #momofuku #momofukuko #food #foodporn #foodphotos #foodphoto #foodpic #foodpics #foodphotography #hashbrowns #crudo #barfood #cocktail #nofilter
The fried chicken, served cold. Quite yummy. And the pickles too. @ko_ep bar. #bloombergeats Latergram
Amazing meal last night at @ko_ep , great to see the boys @jimmy_parry @ambrosechiang . Thanks for spoiling us @seanalexgray !
still in love with this space and the anxiety of pre service Saturday night.
@ko_ep 3.0 just took a moment to appreciate this space. what a privilege.
My first visit to the new a la carte “bar” @ko_ep, watching chef @jimmy_parry at work as I sip on a Cremant. Bonus for instagrammers at the counter: the lights right above tilt so you can better illuminate your food photos! (Thanks for the tip @ambrosechiang ) #bloombergeats Latergram
chef @seanalexgray, @suwongruiz, and the team at @ko_ep have a brand new bar space―in their words, it’s the short story to the novel that is their tasting menu. the menu will evolve constantly, but if you stop by our story, you’ll get a look at some of the things they’ve been serving this week. no reservations, walk-in only starting at 3 pm.
Buttery sourdough crepe. I think we need two orders next time. 😏 Latergram #momofukuko #alacarte #eastvillage #eeeeeats #eatthis
the @ko_ep poached egg with caviar 😍 . 🎥 : @justindietert
One of the most fun & entertaining dining experiences I’ve had - open kitchen and really engaging.