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Kings Garden, København

Instagram photos and videos at Kings Garden, København

Happy December 12th 💥#hungrytwins
Here's a fun, anticlimactic story completely unrelated to this collage:  So Denmark is expensive af, but I didn't realize that until I arrived bc I'm garbage - ANYWAYS, after a very scenic, active day, Tom and I went on a stroll to find somewhere to eat dinner. So we played the fun game of walking around the same 5 blocks looking at food we can't afford until we finally decided to go back to our hotel and order Dominos. Okay, problem solved!!!!??? Wrong !!! After carefully hand selecting and editing the pizzas, all the prompting questions were in Danish/only a Danish phone number could be used to confirm the order. What does one do in this situation? Put in a random phone number and hope for the best, duh. Flash forward 2 and a half hours, picture this: Tom and I sitting on the windowsill of the lobby looking out on the same road for over 2 hours, pining to eye a Dominos delivery car. 7:30, 8:30, 9:30; Nothing. I call the Dominos, but it's in Danish and only after the 3rd try do I realize it's not even a person on the line, it's one of those automated recording things. My pride is shook. I take what's left of my dignity to visit my bald friend/receptionist, Daniel. I plead for him to call Dominos for me because I'm so effing hungry/inept. "Oh, the pizza guy biked (CLASSIC Denmark move) here 3 hours ago and said he had a delivery for Tom, but there isn't a reservation for Tom here so he left. But I see your reservation is under Anna, now." I collapse. All hope is lost. But no, the second return of the Messiah is upon us. He calls, waits on hold for FIFTEEN minutes and has them deliver our 3 hour old pizza AND then microwaves it for us.  Moral of the story: Dominos tracker app is a scam, tell your receptionist you ordered a pizza, not all heroes have hair, Ranch is called "garlic and herb dip" literally everywhere else besides America
Damen og hendes have - ‘A lady and her garden’ #copenhagen #denmark #garden
Walk in the park 🍁🍃 #fridag #ensmulegrønt  #beautifultrees
#sølvgade 🏚☀️
Happy December 11th 💥 #mandagspisk
The last 🍁 before the ❄️
My castle crumbled over night, I brought a knife to a gun fight. They took the crown but its all right. All the liars are calling me one, nobody’s heard from me for months. I’m doing better than I ever was.