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Sarento's at The Top of The Ilikai

Instagram photos and videos at Sarento's at The Top of The Ilikai

Last Friday, we were able to rescue the excess food from an establishment that recently closed down. Sarento’s Waikiki generously donated ALL of their excess produce, dairy, pasta, and bread. Their industrial sized fridge contained just over 200 lbs. that would’ve otherwise been thrown out. Big mahalo to @sarentos_top_of_the_i!  #foodrescue #feedpeoplenotlandfills
Reminiscing to my last day AT Sarento's Top of the "I" on the last day FOR Sarento's Top of the "I". Many fond memories and lessons learned. A hui hou!
* ⚠️音量注意⚠️ * 花火こんな感じで見れました🎆 ちょうどクライマックスの時の映像です💓 日本の花火じゃないし大したことないかなって 正直あんまり期待してなかったのですが(笑)、 意外とたくさん上がったし ちゃんとした花火で驚きでした😳 周りの歓声がすごい📢🙌 このレストランを予約した日から 当日は晴れるかどうか心配だったので 晴れてくれて本当に嬉しかった☀️ ちなみに当日までここのレストランで食べるってことは ゲストには内緒にしてました🙊花火のことも🙊 両親にすごい喜んでもらえたので、 ここにして良かったです🎶 * これにてハワイのレポは終了となります🍍 ハワイまた行きたいな〜✈️ *
* 夕方〜夜のレセプションは、 イリカイホテル最上階にある #サレントス 🍽 ワインラックルームというお部屋を貸し切り🍾🍷 金曜はお向かいのヒルトンから上がる花火を 目の前で眺められます🎆超キレイ!✨🌟 31階なので、サンセットも夜景も見られて すっごく贅沢な空間でした〜😍💞 店員さんの接客も良かったです👏 テーブル装花はイッセイさんにオーダーしたのですが、 リクエストしたピカケの香りがすごく良くて💕 持ち帰って枕元に置いて寝ました😴笑 この日はロケフォト後に急いでレイを買いに行って、 ディナーの時に両親にプレゼントしました🌺 5時半起きから盛りだくさんで ハードな1日だったな〜🏃‍♀️💨 *
Curtain Call at Sarento's...
Tonight, we got wined & dined by daddy to celebrate our 5-year Anniversary (9/22) & Savis 3rd Birthday (9/30). We talked about how one decision could've changed our entire lives - Mo ended up in Hawaii from Chicago because his mom took him to Tahiti when he was younger & he wanted to live somewhere tropical. I ended up working at Cheesecake because my boss at Outback wouldn't ever give me the time off I requested. Without those decisions, we wouldn't have even met! He NEVER left me alone, constantly trying to get me to go hang out with our mutual friends or make small talk at the bar. He pursued me until I couldn't help but give in because I got to see who he truly is; a caring & loving man. I'm so thankful that he was so creepy & annoying & never gave up with trying to get my attention because here we are 5 years later, with our 3-year old celebrating all that life has to offer us. Mo, you have become my best friend, my solitude & comfort & I love doing life with you. Thank you for not giving up on us - here's to 5 years & a million more. I love you more than you'll ever know. ❤️
Interesting pre-birthday dinner for yvette to say the least but still made the best of it! #buttahnotwater #doyouboo #hawaii #breadnotred