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Downtown Beirut

Instagram photos and videos at Downtown Beirut

Music, entertainment, live performances and food stations by Cookeria Catering.  Join us for a romantic journey with your friends and families on Saturday, March 3 starting 6:00pm and on Sunday morning at Nejmeh Square. This event is organized by @its.events
Beiruting 🇱🇧 #lebanon #beirut #downtown #ortadoğununparisi
Take a look into this beautiful & natural looking white filling composite & let us know your opinion in the comment box 👇😁 #drnajibfarhat  Video Credits: @rodrigoilkiu.dentalaesthetic
Neutrality.  This doesn't mean you can't get angry.  This doesn't mean you can't have emotions.  This doesn't mean you can't speak up when something is wrong. • This means becoming aware that you're experiencing an emotion and keeping it simple. • When you feel an emotion come up, something like anger, frustration, anxiety or irritation - do you let it completely take over your mind and your thoughts, so that the emotion is now making the decision on how to handle the situation or are you in control? • Stay with me here... When any emotion completely takes over your being, meaning you're not even aware that you're feeling the emotion, you're no longer the observer of the emotion, you're just in a blind emotional state - you've lost your control to make a conscious choice. • Key words here *conscious* and *choice* • When you begin feeling your emotion and have the awareness to know that you are experiencing the emotion, then you can make a conscious choice to bring it back to neutrality.  Neutrality meaning not making a decision from the emotion, but from a space of calm centeredness - removing the ego.  I like to think of this as the path of least destruction, the path of purity where you're doing your absolute best in that particular moment.  It doesn't mean someone won't feel hurt by your expressions or your actions, it doesn't mean that everything will be perfect, it simply means that you're doing your best.  You're coming from the purest space without an emotional charge to show up and act in the clearest form.  #neutrality #neutral #choices #emotionalcharge #emotions #keepyourpower #fullycharged #anger
When it’s coffee break time on the tour, and it takes a few moments, and some pretty slow maths between two people, to realise you just paid £5 for shitty coffee...then told you can’t go sightseeing because “it ain’t Starbucks” 💁🏻‍♀️ . . . #sassy #sass #neverstopexploring
🦅The Embassy of Artsakh on the Road To Freedom with The Prelate of the Armenian Prelacy Of Lebanon the Bishop Shahe Panossian congratulating Zohrab Markarian. 🇦🇲 Yours Truly, Gilbert Simon 🕊 #gilbertsimon #armenia #artsakh #zohrabphotography