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Chapel Street

Instagram photos and videos at Chapel Street

My street all lit up! That building tho πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ #glowfestival #chapelst
Fun x
Pretty new blooms 🌹 @whiteluxeboutique
It's a windy last day in Melbourne! We will be heading home tomorrow! #mybuttercupbae #dumrasinmelb2017 #melbourne #winter #lastdayofholidays😭
Don't know what to drink? Chat to our bartenders and they'll sling you up a cocktail or two.
EAST: Just when I was hopeful for Spring, BAM!, we're back to freezing! Big-ass @scanlantheodore, coffee and @holdenaustralia kinda day. ⚑️ #letsgothere #holdenastra #sp
I'm not sure if this has always been here, but today I looked up on my walk home and 'discovered' a new piece of Melbourne Street art - she looks how I feel πŸ–€βž°™β—ΎοΈβ–ͺοΈπŸ”πŸ”²
Look who's fakin ere!
I was just bathed against my will. This is not ok. Send help πŸ›πŸš«
Happy Birthday #janab.. GBU Party Hard.. Sadi party # pending reh gyi.. @shivank_madan
Celebrating a beautiful life & a beautiful friendship. πŸ₯‚ @fkula #melbourne #love #friendship #6years #mummas #toiletfriends #cairns #somuchgrowth
Loaded Tripod Window to Optimal Function via Efficiency! @thehealthsolution being spotted by @eshe_mcgrath in order to fully feel the global energetics of this posture. Tripod is contralateral stabilising function. When we bring the stepping hand to the support shoulder, it informs support, at the same time as allowing the feel of the stepping side rib wall rotate. The pelvis is also rotating towards support hip, meaning that the stepping side pelvis is being rotated up. The effect of this is that the girdles are balanced and loaded in the lift. This is equivalent to being able to capture the energy of support/step and hold it in the body to inform CNS. Take a moment to consider this! Join @thehealthsolution and I in our classes and services if; You are injured and want to be pain free You want to explore movement efficiency for outperformance. You want to understand movement expression for your sport. Coming soon AFL DNS2 This year we are including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with @thebaseacademy  Stay tuned #dns #movement #jiujitsu #bjj #efficiency #5dmovement #grouptraining #afl