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Lake Bunyonyi

Instagram photos and videos at Lake Bunyonyi

10 style points, am I right?
This are some of the boys from Hopeworth Children's Foundation in Kasese,Uganda.  On their first road trip ever... visiting this beautiful lake. This project is trusted and supported by Muay Thai 4 Orphans and can use some help,follow,share and support them at their Facebook page. They are in need of proper nutrition ,a safe place to stay and financial support for their education. Every small donation can make a difference. Please show your ❤ #africa #uganda #orphans #support #food #shelter #education #muaythai4orphans #hopeworthchildrensfoundation #like #share #follow #makeadifference
Жители Африки говорят: «Когда ты что-то делаешь для Жизни, Жизнь отвечает тебе». Я впервые встретила столько искромётной радости, веселья,жажды, желания,харизмы, счастья в одном месте! Этому нужно учиться у людей, кто щедро дарит #наташабодина #методика #днкгения
Uganda • LAKE BUNYONYI •  May the African sun always shine on you.  May the rhythm of its drums beat deeply in your heart. May the vision of its glory fill you with joy. May the memory of Africa always be with you! 📸 Aylin
Up until the 1940s, Punishment Island on Lake Bunyonyi was a tiny plot of land where unmarried pregnant women from the region were abandoned and left to die either by starvation or attempting to swim to the mainland. However, the one hope for these women was to be saved by poor men or slaves who couldn’t afford the regular ‘bride price’ and didn’t mind the stigma.  It’s startling to see how horrible the world was and even now still is and how much further we collectively as a human race need to go to ensure that people are treated with dignity in a loving manner no matter what another person’s or culture’s opinion about them might be. Even now, across the world women are ostracised and told how to live their lives by societies dominated by men. This must stop.  As a filmmaker and photographer I intend on doing more in the fight for equality and the fair treatment of all human beings regardless of their race, gender, sexuality or marital status.
Considering I’m not a wildlife photographer and never have particularly liked the thought being one - I would have to say that I am particularly proud of this photo as patience isn’t a strong point of mine and neither is biology (I didn’t require either skill to capture this fyi). That being said, the boat driver on our tour at Lake Bunyonyi was considered by some colleagues of mine to be overstepping the line by taking the boat so close to a pregnant Crested Crane (the national bird of Uganda which can be seen on the country’s flag) who was totally incapable of flying away and the presence of a dog in the boat would have made it that much more distressing for the mother.  So as it stands, I feel as though this photo should be shared with you guys on here but perhaps not given the full credit it would deserve if taken in a different more considerate circumstance.
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