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University of Miyazaki, Japan

Instagram photos and videos at University of Miyazaki, Japan

A few clicks with respected professors and dear friends #graduation #finaldefense
Love this composition so much.. Echo Etudes - Yngwie Malmsteen #echoetude #yngwiemalmsteen #guitar
友人が卒展しています。 #卒展 #入場無料 #converse
#throwbackthursday , when we were as international students tried to celebrate 'Setsubun' or 'Mamemaki' at lunch time 😌. It was a ritual to cleanse away all the evil of the former year and bringing good luck for the year to come. . Roasted soybeans were thrown either out the door or at a member wearing an Oni (demon) mask, while the people say "Demons out! Luck in!" (Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi!) and slam the door. 🥜🎭🥜🎭
Surely one day, I'll be in same color too 😁 ----------------------------- I feel so honored to became MC in this occasion. It was my first time to introduce about one of Japanese culture, traditional karate (zaharyu martial art karate) in English lol  My heart’s still drumming at the moment when thinking of that day (because I'm still white band and my English is not good but I'm glad the program finished smoothly) So , thank you for giving me the chance! Also thank you for my friend who give me support and courage! xoxo ------------------------- jadi ceritanya habis di kasih kesempatan untuk memperkenalkan traditional karate di acara winter program university of Miyazaki. Meskipun bhs inggris saya belepetan dan msh sabuk putih, Alhamdulillah semua berjalan lancar.. terima kasih 🙏🏻 padahal sblm hari H ketakutan tapi berkat dukungan teman2 disini saya jadi yakin.. terima kasih yaa 😭 . . #karate #traditionalkarate #karategirl #martialarts #sports #aktifberhijab #hijabadventure #hijabinsport #武術空手 #空手 #空手道 #武道 #格闘技 #日本 #日本文化 #留学生活 #me #japan #hijabchallenge #mynaviglobal #tbt
🇯🇵 Dapat offer belajar dekat Japan. Alhamdulillah tu semua rezeki.
Japanese medicide is strange!! I went to the uni doctor today cause I've been feeling under the weather all week (sorry no youtube videos for the minute) this weird small pellet medicine doesnt dissolve in water like I thought it would. I asked the nurse and apparently you just shoot it straight into your mouth and chase it with some water! So different!! P.S I thankfully dont have influenza.. yet 😅
Good job syantiiiiknya bunda...I'm so sorriiiii ga bs mendampingi performmu saiyaaank...tp bunda slalu berdo'a yg terbaik untukmu...love u sweetheart😘😘😘